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May 25, 2009 09:23 AM

best breakfasts in PEC?

Trying to decide which Inn/B & B to stay at, and wondered if any CHs had comments about the Inns/ B& Bs served the best breakfasts.

Would you stay at Waring House, Merrill Inn, Devonshire on the Lake or the Claramount, if you had the choice and the determining factor was the quality of the breakfast? Or somewhere else?

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  1. I would strike Waring House off your list (it's not great). The Devonshire does a good breakfast and they bake everything in house (or at least they did in the past). It's also absolutely lovely. They do a dinner as well.

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      I have never had a regular Waring House breakfast, but I have had the buffet a number of times; I think it's held on Sundays and holidays. It is a very pretty room, the service is professional, and the food is pretty good for a buffet, in my opinion, with desserts being the highlight for me, especially the pecan diamonds and the trifle slathered in real whipped cream.

      Haven't been to any of the other places, though.

      1. re: Full tummy

        Thanks for your comments re: the buffet at the Waring House, Full tummy!

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        Thanks for your recommendation of the Devonshire, Arcadiaseeker. Was able to get a reservation for the Devonshire- already looking forward to the breakfast!
        There's no link to the breakfast, but here's a link to their dinner menu:

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          Let us know how the stay and the food are... I'm in that area often, and it would be great to have another destination on my list.

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            Will do- but won't be able to report back until July;)

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              just thought of something if you have some time while you are there -- a very cool place to try for fresh produce is vicki's veggies -- it's a stand where you kind of serve yourself. later in the summer she does an heirloom tomato festival where you can stock up on the best tomatoes ever for cheap cheap!

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            that's great - enjoy and please do report back. there is so much good grub in PEC. if you get a chance to go to harvest in picton please do -- it is one of my favourite restaurants and you can't get better value for your money (was it last year james chatto rated it in the top 5 in ontario?). michael potters is a wonderful chef. they also do a great brunch -- have been a few times.

            1. re: Arcadiaseeker

              Thanks for the suggestion of Harvest.

              I'll be staying in PEC on a Monday night on my upcoming trip and it looks like Harvest is only open Thursday- Sat for dinner, and Sundays for brunch. But I'll keep Harvest in mind for future trips!

              106 Bridge, Picton, ON K0K2T0, CA

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                I'm from Picton. While I have no clue about B&B breakfasts, for the best local breakfast joint is at The Picton Harbour Inn. Nothing fancy, but solid.

                1. re: koknia

                  It's true -- they have very good pancakes.

                      1. re: Arcadiaseeker

                        I doubt it.
                        It's just a good diner.

                  1. re: koknia

                    I don't know about the maple syrup, but I'll certainly agree that Picton Harbour Inn makes a darn good breakfast. No view from the dining room, but a pretty nice area to walk it off afterwards.

                2. re: Arcadiaseeker

                  Normally, I don't thread much but with the recent release of his TV show, Mr. Potter may have a great show but he needs a new "cast" for his restaurant. If you want a Senior Citizen Boxing Match with better food, then here you go. Our experience started with walking in for our early evening reservation and met at the door by who we later found was Karen Potter and a waitress carrying a baby. The 2 argued(politely) with one another where we were being seated and why they were switching tables where and who was serving who, after about 2 minutes and 5 apologies, we were seated. We were cycling and though at least dressed casually, we had our cycle helmets with us at the table. This launched our waiter into telling us all about how he's 50 years old but cycled across Canada 30 years ago and proceeded to give us his daily nightly fitness routine. Firstly, if you're 50 and still a waiter?......and if you're clients obviously don't care, please be quiet. We're not there for your life story and if you do want to talk, how about showing interest in the client? Just a thought. With every visit back to us, there was more story of HIS "Big Trip". Wine selections were good, lots of local and he did provide us with some recommendations based on food. The appetizers were very tasty, however portions were reflective of the early 90's dining when "Less was More". The restaurant had filled up and the staff seemed to becoming flurried and suddenly our waiter was other people. It may just be how it's worked, but I think 5 different people asked us how we were or took our plates or filled our water. Good service? Not when you have had to tell 5 people, 5 times, how your day was and what you're doing in Picton. We just wanted to eat dinner; Alone. Our table was seated near the service area and the level of cussing coming out of the back areas was actually insulting. When our dinner meals arrived they were brought out by a French gentleman who argued with us where our plates went, at which point our Senior waiter came out and started arguing with him as to where our plates went! Somebody could have just asked me! Then they went into the back area and argued some more which we heard clearly and the way they spoke to one another made my wife very uncomfortable. To add insult to injury, the French guy then came back and arrogantly told us that our waiter had ordered the meals to be delivered to the wrong seats so it wasn't "his" fault that he tried to give us the wrong plate, it was our waiters! LOL! Again....we don't care, we just wanted a meal. Now, the reason we found out it was Karen Potter at the door, is because the next fight was between her and who we can only assume was Michael Potter......sorry "Chef Potter". As to the basis of the argument we couldn't discern however, there were alot of swearwords and "Karens!" The voice was the same one that had been cussing around the time of our appetizers. Then, who we believe was Karen(tall blonde woman nicely dressed) came stomping out into the restaurant with eyes brimming and was aggressively pushing chairs into tables and stomping around. Shortly after that she disappeared for the rest of our time there. The portion of the dinner made up for the portion of the starters and the meals were incredibly prepared, every bit was wonderful and the county wine was surprisingly complimentary to the food. Their "local food" only cooking does make a huge difference. BUT, how the hell can you enjoy a meal when it's a damn near boxing match all night? Needless to say, dessert was not an option though my wife and I did joke that it would be fun to place bets on the next fight! Could be a good side business. The food was wonderful but the atmosphere is so uninviting there was just no way it would be worth trying dessert. Our bill for 2 with no dessert was near $150 with wine. Again, would have been fine if we were able to have our "quiet" dinner out. Upon leaving our Senior waiter chased us out the door saying goodbye and then proceeded to stand outside and talk to us more about his workout, his bike, his trip etc. Hey buddy, it's not all about you when you are the waiter, try focusing on your guests and maybe try for an ealry CPP? So, overall the food was great but everything else just made it an unrecoverable experience. So after seeing the new show air "Chef Worthy" I had to see if there were any similar comments. He may be "Cook Worthy" but he is surely isn't "Proprietor Worthy". If you want dinner and a show, then Harvest is the best bang for your buck! Now as always, this is simply my experience but it was an experience none the less.

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                    That is a shame. I remember having a wonderful, peaceful meal when they were at Milford Bistro. A lack of discretion from start to finish, it seems.

            2. The Merril Inn and The Claramont are both lovely- rooms and food are great at both with the Merrill Inn having a more intimate dining room. While I've never stayed at The Devonshire Inn, I used to eat there very regularly as the food was good and the setting marvellous. The menu changed last year and I now find it disappointing- sides and veg are "extras". I reckon that a skillfull chef will pair what she/he deems best complements the main, and making a diner pay for sides seems money grubbing to me.

              1. Am in and out of PEC very often because of family ties and am happy to report the arrival of a new option on the breakfast scene, which is a little place called Chesterfield`s Homegrown Cafe, tucked round the back at 173 Main in Picton. Had a really yummy sandwich called The Belch *not as gross as it sounds* and it was bacon, egg, lettuce, cheese and ham: all LOCALLY sourced and delish with mustard. They also had waffles and a more standard breakfast plate and the guy told me they would make any sandwich on the menu at any hour. They`re open from 7-3 daily so have double duty as breakfast and lunch spot. Good coffee. Picton Harbour Inn is also pretty good diner fare. Have heard some mixed things about the Devonshire this year. My family and I usually hit either Milford Bistro or Blumen Bistro for lunch or dinner. My sister did stay at an absolutely wonderful B&B called Miller House, we picked her up and it was quaint and clean and quiet, good if you are a cyclist esp or a winery person. Anyway some new recs for you, do try Chesterfields, I am going back to work my way down the menu with the whole fam next visit!!!