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May 25, 2009 08:28 AM

Finch & Midland

We often pass the plaza here and usually drop into Vietnamese Star Noodles - invariably busy at lunch time. This Sunday it was excellent. I had the large all-included house pho with Satay. It was brimming with beef balls, tendon, tripe, beef. I really enjoyed the stock though my wife wasn't that keen. Could not finish it all.

That plaza is brimming with other places to eat. Are there any others there worth visiting, and if so what would you recommend?

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  1. A couple of lights east, at Finch and Middlefield, is Embassy Samosa King. Yummy, crisp vegetarian samosas for 5 for a buck.

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      Been there, done that, bought 60.

      I have never seen samosas disappear so quickly. (And I live near Sultan of Samosas on O'Connor). While waiting in line the previous 10 people must have bought 300-500 between them

    2. You have Fantasy Eatery which is just the next intersection north on Midland, it's famous for its Cantonese wok hey dishes.

      Fantasy Eatery
      3320 Midland Ave, Toronto, ON M1V5E6, CA

      1. If you like Japanese, I highly recommend Hanabi Sushi, which is a tiny spot in the very NW corner of the mall. Everyone I've taken there thinks the food is great. My favourite is the "chef's choice" lunch special. You start off with salad, porridge, miso soup, and some appetizer (dumpling, yakitori, etc), followed by a surprisingly large plate of sashimi and sushi, usually with two shrimp tempura. True, the sashimi is mostly salmon, but I love salmon, so I'm not complaining. Halfway through that plate, another sushi roll will be brought to you - usually something special like Spider or Dragon roll. Fresh fruit for dessert, plus an awesome ginger tea which helps settle your stomach if you've over indulged. Last time I was there, this was $9.95 (two years ago). Don't doubt it's gone up a bit, but still a great value, IMHO.

        Other meals are equally good. They have the typical Korean influence, so try the bulgoki if sashimi isn't your thing.

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          Porridge?? Like "juk" in Chinese, for a Japanese style lunch? That's interesting! I've heard from others that this is a good place to eat too. I shall try it soon and report back!

          Other than that, Ive heard from my mom that the dim sum place in the corner (east to Vietname Noodle Star) is not that great. She said that quality isnt so good, given the price point.

          Then there's that Korean BBQ place that just opened up... anyone tried?

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            You can forget the BBQ place, If I went to that plaza, I will only go to Vietnamese Star Noodles or Sun Noodle. Dumpling place is so so, Chinese western one is no good, sushi place is bad.
            Oh, the one at the corner serving dim sum is not bad, been there once and I am impressed with their value and quality. Worth to repeat.

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              We love the full house dim sum place next to the vietnamese noodle place. Dim sum is steamed to order. And htey have fried noodle specials after 11am.
              For dinner, we have the 5 lb lobster (I think it's $60 bucks or so) and the sauna shrimp. it comes in the wooden tub with charcoal and they steam it for a few minutes. Not perfect but it's a good show and the kids always love it.