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May 25, 2009 08:03 AM

Top-notch, inexpensive sushi

Takarasushi, Walnut St. Newton, is mostly takeout, one table, and a tiny bar with two stools for eating in. I always take the measure of a sushi place by their chirashi (sashimi w/rice). Theirs is excellent, easily in the caliber of oft-praised sit-down places like Blue Fin, Oishii, or nearby Shogun. A morsel of unagi over the rice is a nice added touch.

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  1. How much was the chirashi there?

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    1. re: 02139

      "Regular", a generous portion, was $15.95, "deluxe" a few dollars more. Deluxe could (almost) feed two...

      The mix included, as I recall, tuna, salmon, snapper, marlin, octopus, exeptionally fine scallop, hamachi, and a couple other things... Deluxe had some very nice salmon roe. [Miso and a side salad with a lovely dressing included.]

    2. In the same vein I'm a big fan of Toraya in Arlington - the food is excellent and fairly inexpensive.

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        Thank you for the suggestion, this will be the next place I try. In the meantime, I have had a chance to try both Sudbury sushi places, and to revisit Blue Fin as well. Sashimi-wise, I'd have to give the nod to Oishii over Fugakyu. I always enjoy eating at Blue Fin, but Takarasushi is really great value. Looking forward to trying Toraya...

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          Toraya is great and so is Kotobukiya sushi bar (which is still open despite the market closing.)

        2. Gari in Coolidge Corner has makki for $4.50 on Sunday nights. 28 flavors.

          1. Are the tables and stools usually taken when you went? We prefer eat-in rather than take-out, so if it's always full, then we won't bother checking this place out.

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            1. re: y2000k

              I've gone for late lunches (after 2pm) and it hasn't been a problem. Just to be clear, it really is one table, plus two stools at a little bar.

            2. Fuji in Quincy (Wollaston)