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Top-notch, inexpensive sushi

Takarasushi, Walnut St. Newton, is mostly takeout, one table, and a tiny bar with two stools for eating in. I always take the measure of a sushi place by their chirashi (sashimi w/rice). Theirs is excellent, easily in the caliber of oft-praised sit-down places like Blue Fin, Oishii, or nearby Shogun. A morsel of unagi over the rice is a nice added touch.

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  1. How much was the chirashi there?

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      "Regular", a generous portion, was $15.95, "deluxe" a few dollars more. Deluxe could (almost) feed two...

      The mix included, as I recall, tuna, salmon, snapper, marlin, octopus, exeptionally fine scallop, hamachi, and a couple other things... Deluxe had some very nice salmon roe. [Miso and a side salad with a lovely dressing included.]

    2. In the same vein I'm a big fan of Toraya in Arlington - the food is excellent and fairly inexpensive.

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        Thank you for the suggestion, this will be the next place I try. In the meantime, I have had a chance to try both Sudbury sushi places, and to revisit Blue Fin as well. Sashimi-wise, I'd have to give the nod to Oishii over Fugakyu. I always enjoy eating at Blue Fin, but Takarasushi is really great value. Looking forward to trying Toraya...

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          Toraya is great and so is Kotobukiya sushi bar (which is still open despite the market closing.)

        2. Gari in Coolidge Corner has makki for $4.50 on Sunday nights. 28 flavors.

          1. Are the tables and stools usually taken when you went? We prefer eat-in rather than take-out, so if it's always full, then we won't bother checking this place out.

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              I've gone for late lunches (after 2pm) and it hasn't been a problem. Just to be clear, it really is one table, plus two stools at a little bar.

            2. Fuji in Quincy (Wollaston)

              1. Haven't been there in ages, but was always very good circa five years ago. Glad to hear that they are still very good. They are right next to the Newton Highlands T, across the street from McCabe's (I think).

                I'll put in a vote for Super Fusion II in Watertown - super-friendly staff - good value, fresh seafood esp. when sticking to the usual suspects. Couple of issues: 1) The sushi is cut very very large - every slice is double the length of the rice. Which is fine - good value - but hard to deal with octopus for example, which does not yield well to biting! 2) They are unfortunately neighbors with a cigar store - they work like heck to keep the smoke out, but when they are puffing away in there, you get a nose of tobacco when you first enter the restaurant. You don't notice it after a while, but it is a nuisance and might offend the olfactory senses of some hounds.

                Anyway, they have a plasma TV behind the sushi bar, so it's a good spot to grab some sushi and watch the game.

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                  Heartily second the Super Fusion II recommendation albeit with the same caveats.


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                    Sam must be spending more of his time in Watertown because the Washington Sq. location has been slipping since their new location has been open. Have you seen him around there?

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                      Don't know Sam, but the sushi chef on Saturday was a short middle-aged gentleman. Is that him?

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                          Yep, pretty sure that was him in Watertown -

                          Chrispy, you might know the answer to this either with SF/SFII and generally at places that are not considered high-end sushi places, have you ever asked for omakase?"
                          Have never ordered "omakase" and I don't want to look like some kind of sushi snob, just sort of like the idea of the chef feeding me whatever he thinks might be really yummy on a given day. Have you ever tried that at either location?
                          Or this kind of thing not really done at the more mid-range places? Experiences at other places?

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                            I've never asked if they do it at Super Fusion because everytime that I go, the place is jammed and there are just two guys handling everything from takeout orders to the people in the restaurant. Also, when you get omakase, it comes one dish at a time so you can savor and enjoy it. Usually, at Super Fusion everything comes all at once.

                            To truly enjoy omakase, I feel that you need to be sitting at the bar in front of the chef so he can explain to you what you're getting and what your preferences are. The Brookline location is tiny and gets extremely crowded. The atmosphere is definitely more takeout oriented. I don't know if the Watertown location is larger, but if it is something that you are interested in, I would ask Sam. He definitely would be someone who could do it for you since his background is Fugakyu.

                            I had a bad experience many years ago at Oiishi when I went for the omakase. The chef basically didn't listen to anything that I told him nor did he explain what I was getting. It was just thrown in front of me like a plate of eggs and toast at a diner. Since then, I haven't ordered it in Boston.

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                              Thanks for the feedback. The Watertown location has about 8 tables + 8 or so at the bar - they were not slammed when we were there, so I might give it a try under similar circumstances next time - thanks!

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                                I have to chime in ... and perhaps it's only me - but I've been to SF II in Watertown a couple time for lunch. I just can't get past the cigar smoke. Sorry, I really like the staff and the food, but I get my olfactory assaulted before I have a chance to put the food in my mouth. Unfortunate.

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                      How would you compare Super Fusion II vs Toraya? We only order sashimi at Toraya. The fish slices are pretty tiny, but we love the freshness of the fish there.

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                          No mention of Sushi Island in Wakefield? Haven't been in awhile, has it gone downhill. If not, it's high on my list in this category. Also a nicer venue than Toroya.

                          1. re: justbeingpolite

                            What about Sushi 21 in Watertown? Is that still around?

                            1. re: robertlf

                              I *think* Super Fusion II is in the former Sushi 21 space.

                              1. re: Bob Dobalina

                                You are correct - SFII took over the same space as Sushi 21.

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                            And I like SFII better, though I've only been to SFII once and Toraya was takeout. Maybe an unfair comparison, but I found the quality at both very high, maybe a notch below my favorite (Oishii), and I personally very much like the oversized pieces of nigiri and sashimi at SFII.

                            The wife, on the other hand, must be a super-sniffer (like a super-taster?) and will not go back thanks to the cigar smoke that I didn't even notice.