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May 25, 2009 06:18 AM

Julienne's pastry shop in Halifax

...Have you been? What should one order if going? Thanks =)

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  1. The almond croissants are a must. Everytime I am in Halifax, I have to have 1 (ok-2!)

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    1. re: troutpoint

      Ya, they must be good...they're always sold out! =o( Thanks

      1. re: chef55

        If I'm going to snag some, what time do I need to be there by???

    2. I haven't been to the pastry shop but I received a particularly witchy and snotty remark in response to a question I asked at their market stall one Saturday morning which turned me off their product. I now buy my bread and pastries at Boulangerie La Vendéenne in the basement and they are absolutely excellent!

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      1. re: petra_reuter

        I prefer La Vendéenne's bread, and croissants. The crumb generally has a more developed gluten structure, and the crusts are more substantial. I find Julien's breads look great, but lack oomph.

        I can't really handle the market, so I pick their bread up at Pete's. It is usually stocked there towards the end of the week.

        1. re: starlings

          I have a dangerous addiction to La Vendéenne's apple turnovers, they are so good! My trick to the market is to go insanely early so as to avoid the socializing, stroller crowd and to do minimal browsing but lots of shopping.