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May 25, 2009 06:11 AM

Where to find fresh Calamari in Halifax?

My Husband has never tried Calamari, and I want his first experience to be a good one, as I have had many bad calamari dishes before.
You just never know what you're going to get when they bring the plate to the table :o(

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  1. Do you mean to purchase? (Pete's Fruitique) or to go out and eat? if the latter then get in your car and get thee down to Lunenburg. Trattoria della Nonna has THE best calamari ever. I don't live in Lunenburg full time and when I am away, I literally LUST after this dish.

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    1. re: LJS

      I meant to go out and order, so thanks for your suggestions... hope to go on a road trip since we just moved to Nova Scotia, so Lunenburg should be on our list Thanx again :)

    2. I dream about the calamari at Fiasco. Chef Martin does something incredible to it....OMG!

      1. No that there isn't more than one way to cook a calamari, but I am wondering whether there is a connection between Terry Vasallo's recipe for that at Trattoria della Nonna and the one at Fiasco? After all Terry is a local boy...

        1. I also dream about the calamari at Fiasco...I've had calamari at several places in Halifax but none even come close to it!

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            I third Fiasco... yummm. It's the sauce that does it, sweet and spicy at the same time. Actually, it's all about sauces at Fiasco. Very rich, can only handle a meal there infrequently, but when it's time... so, so decadent.

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              I've still never eaten at Fiasco - calamari or anything. I really need to add it to my list.

              I had very good calamari a few months ago at Cafe 101 in the Holiday Inn in Dartmouth. Calamari was very fresh, and a beautiful mix of spicy and sweet in the sauce.