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May 25, 2009 06:10 AM

Big Live Lobsters On Long Island, Cheap

Johns Farms grocery store on Old Country road in Plainview has a great deal in their fish dept. Lobsters over 4 lbs. at $5.50/lb.. Steamed for free! Cash only.

This beauty was over 6 lbs. at $33.

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  1. The big boys on sale!!!! Can you confirm it was a hard shell -- not waterlogged inside?


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    1. re: sbp

      Had to battle with the claws in my driveway with a hammer. The shell was very hard. The shell was packed, meat was dense, tender and sweet. Have laid to rest the BS about smaller being more tender and sweeter. Fed 5 appetizers without using the tail or body. Ate the body alone the next day and enjoyed the mess. Mrs Doc getting the tail to make a giant lobster roll. She does not enjoy picking through the body or taking a wine bottle to the legs. Nuff said.

      1. re: phantomdoc

        Sounds great. Yes, I agree, size has nothing to do with tenderness. But having had many lobsters small and large that were tough, tender and everywhere in between (regardless of cooking time), I researched "tough lobster" on google. Pretty much came to the conclusion that no one really knows why a not-overcooked lobster is sometimes tough. You just take your chances.

        I know some people prefer soft shell lobster, claiming they are sweeter, but I don't agree. And it's ridiculous to pay for so much water.

        1. re: sbp

          We are on the same page. I like a hard shell packed tight. A few years back there was another store in the area that had some real sea monsters. Got some 9 lb. behemoths. They were hard shelled and sweet and tender also. If a 9 pounder is tender then, I am convinced.
          Glad these stores will steam for free. Reaches beyond the size of my cookware.
          The Johns Farm sale good through Friday.

          On seeing the add again it states HARD SHELL NOVA SCOTIA LOBSTERS.

          1. re: sbp

            I much prefer hard shells and larger lobsters, too.

            You don't actually pay more for water in soft shells, they're priced lower by the lobster trade.

            1. re: mcf

              But not much lower, if at all. The $6-$7lb price going on around now (for hardshell) is about as low as I've seen it -- hardshell or softshell. I've seen softshells that were 1 and 1/2 pounders, but maybe 4 ounces of meat. Just eyeballing, about 1/2 as much meat as hardshell. And the hardshells are not twice the price.

              And the vendor rarely tells you what they've got (which is often a mix). I go by rule of thumb that summer lobsters are more likely to be soft shell.

              1. re: sbp

                I refuse to buy a lobster if I can't squeeze the shell. I only like hardshells...and I agree, larger does not mean tougher. Hey...the Palm's summer lobster special starts next month....

                1. re: sbp

                  My other rule is to never eat a lobster under 2 lbs. :-) Too much work and shell for too little meat, as a rule, IME.

                  1. re: mcf

                    I prefer 3 1/2 pounder can even share. Small lobster is too much work.

                    1. re: phantomdoc

                      If I'm sharing, it's 4 lbs. Which was definitely a pigout with my husband last summer in Maine. A 4 lb hard shell. Fortunately, they'd cracked the claws for us. :-)

                      1. re: mcf

                        Its 3 1/2 pounds minimum if dining out. At home the bigger the better. I remember the 9 pounder being dinner for 2 three nights in a row.

                        1. re: phantomdoc

                          I never eat lobster out, unless it's at a lobster pound in Maine. Too much extra $$ to do what I can easily do just as well at home.

                          1. re: mcf

                            I'm with you on this one. In fact, I don't allow my kids to order it. "Why should we pay $20 for a 1 lb. lobster dinner when I can buy it for $8 and steam it just as well at home?"

                            By the way, just ran over to John's Farms for the lobsters (an office lunch). I got a 4 pounder for myself (most of which will be tomorrows lobster salad). They were great -- hard shell, meaty. You do have to pay at the fish counter either cash or check. Also, many other fish (some unusual varieties too, like blowfish, branzino, "sardines," cuttlefish) at very good prices ($8/lb for really nice looking bigeye tuna, $7/lb for halibut).

        2. I went at lunchtime today and picked up a 5.5-pounder. Ate the tail for dinner (sweet and delicious) with corn and baked potato and picked the rest for lobster salad tomorrow. Great deal.

          1. Just checked the website. Lobster prices stand for another week! Good Until JUNE 5th
            Oh the temptation.