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May 24, 2009 10:26 PM

5A5 Steakhouse?

I'm heading to 5A5 Steakhouse this weekend for a friend's birthday. I'm completely unfamiliar with this place, in fact I hadn't even heard of it until I received the invitation, so I'm looking for some advice and recommendations on what to order there. 5A5 seems to emphasize Kobe/Wagyu steaks, which I've tried a couple times before at places like Craftsteak in Las Vegas. Good stuff which I enjoyed (but far from mindblowingly delicious), especially considering that I normally tend to stay away from steakhouses. So the questions are . . . What's good at 5A5? Are the Wagyu steaks worth it? Anything else that's particularly good or worth trying there?

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  1. 5A5 is amazing. you have to get the hamachi shooters!!! The Wagyu A5 NY and Ribeye are both really good. If choosing one, i would recommend the Wagyu NY. I also like the crab legs with creamy spicy sauce and the truffle fries. Lobster tempura also pretty good. Regular steaks, the Tbone was good.

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      Just opened recently. I think they had an extended soft launch because I've seen people in there since around February. Looking forward to hearing more reports. The price point looks about par for the course for high-end steak houses. The A5 Wagyu is $125 per steak. Most other steaks are in the $20–$40 range. So that price point sets some high expectations for the food. Surprisingly, no mention of the wine list on the website. Do you recall any details?

      On the website they describe the place as, "the ultimate lounge experience with live djs/ vocalists/ bands, no cover charge...". Curious to hear more about how the food is.

      5A5 Steak Lounge
      244 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

      1. re: Shane Greenwood

        I've sent them an e-mail requesting a copy of their wine list, but I've yet to hear back from them. My biggest question is on the quality of their A5 wagyu. At $19/oz, I expect their Wagyu to blow me way, but if it has failed to meet the expectations of the other posters here, I'd rather go order the stuff elsewhere and stick to one of their dry aged steaks instead.

        1. re: zph

          I went during the soft opening and had the A5 wagyu at $16/oz. I was quite disappointment as the meat was overly salted and it was even a little tough. I don't know if some things changed since they were very eager to heard feedback. The aged rib eye NY steak was much better than the wagyu.

          1. re: cocochanelella

            A5 is the highest grade but there is then a second grading used for the marbling of the meat. This ranges from 1 to 12.

            As to the toughness, Wagyu shouldn't be tough at all. you either got a bad piece of beef or it was way overcooked.