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May 24, 2009 10:25 PM

Kosher Restaurants in Chicago...

Kosher Restaurants in Chicago...

I am going to travel to Chicago the next week and I am looking for a recommendation for a good Kosher Restaurant.

I prefer meat...

I will have a car so I donĀ“t mind to drive.

Thank You All

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  1. You'll have to get out of downtown Chicago and get to the Skokie suburbs. Shallots...Shallots....Shallots -- my husband took Non-Jewish co-workers there and everyone was happy.

    If course if you want an artery-busting good time I'd suggest Ken's diner.

    1. Taboun Grill is generally thought of as the best kosher restaurant in Chicago, in terms of value and consistency. (Certainly not the fanciest; Shallots wins there)
      It is Israeli style and meat.
      There's one on the north side of the city (West Rogers Park) and one in Skokie.
      The yemenite soup is delicious.

      1. Thanks for the information...I am taking notes...

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          Josephml1 Please see other older postings reviewing Kosher in Chicago. It will be helpful to your travel plans.

        2. I agree with the rest of those posting here. Shallots in Skokie is the best. Nice atmosphere, terrific service and outstanding food. I have been there for dinner numerous times and loved it, but i understand that they also have a buffet lunch that i want to try one day. Their web site is

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            The new skokie venue of Taboun is also very nice - a bit noisy when busy but is nicer than the rogers park location -