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May 24, 2009 09:41 PM

Late(ish) eats downtown Seattle

I won't be checking in to my hotel in downtown Seattle until about 10:30pm on a Friday night. Is there anywhere within a few blocks of Hotel Monaco to grab a drink and a bite to eat? I don't need a sit down meal but a bar with some tasty morsels will do me just fine.

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  1. I would go 6-7 blocks north to Palace Kitchen. You would be fine walking north on 5th at that time, maybe take a cab or bus back to your cross street. Kitchen open till 1 am. My second choice would be Tulio, a block east of your hotel, and open till 11 am. And Sazerac, connected to your hotel, is great as well. You can't go wrong on any of these.

    1. The Steelhead diner is great! It's close to Pike place Market. I'm not from that area, so don't know where you're located. The Brutus Salad is to die for.

      1. Union at 1st and Union has a great bar menu and late night happy hour.