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May 24, 2009 09:25 PM

NYC dining out with infant?

Will be in NYC end of June
First time with infant son (4mo)
Before Child we would dine at top/high end/ highly recommended places.

We would still like to go to great restaurants. Wondering if there are any that are both fantastic dining experiences and a place we could bring our son (in an infant carrier seat).???

Is this a crazy question? Or should I hit the great dining spots with kid in tow during LUNCH time?

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  1. One place with plenty of space and a laid back attitude is Centrico in tribeca. Many of the restaurants in this neighborhood are kid friendly.

    1. Well, it was fairly quiet when I had lunch at Jean Georges, so keep that in mind. If I were you, I'd be thinking about places that already have a fairly high volume level or are a bit more informal. That doesn't mean they can't have delicious food. Have you loked at any other threads? Try this one, plus the links kathryn supplies in it:

      1. We live on the UWS so when our baby was that young we would go out to eat often but locally - we tried to go to restaurants with outdoor seating - it just seemed easier in case the baby was fussy - bar boloud is a good restaurant with outdoor seating in lincoln center area - if I think of others Ill post back.