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May 24, 2009 08:50 PM

Chinese Bakery on Baldwin and McCaul

Hello... chowhounders,

I wanted to know what is the name of that chinese bakery, near McCaul.

I passed by on Saturday and bought 2 egg tarts, 2 fried wontons, and 1 fried dumpling. Egg tarts were really good.

Do they open everyday or just on the weekend? And what are their hours?

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  1. Yung Sing. Can't help on the hours - I've only ever been at the lunch hour during the week, but they're definitely open more than on weekends.

    1. Yung Sing is definitely open during the week, as they cater to the U of T crowd. I picked up many a cheap lunch there back in the day. I don't know their actual hours though.

      1. can't help with the hours but they are definitely open on sundays. bought some eggtarts and buns there a few weeks back.

        1. i think they close at 7ish on weekdays

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            Thanks...I was near the neighbourhood today...forgot about going buy.

          2. This family run operation is amazing as anyone knows who has tried it or read the reviews on it. It is almost always featured on "Cheap Eat's on now or otherwise. The shrimp rolls and coconut buns are my personal favorites. The downfall of Yung Sing is it's erratic hours of operation. We must understand that it is a family operation. From seeing the ancient baker masters bring the goods from the basement to the main level they are super old. I'm not sure if they have substitute bakers? Perhaps thats why when ever I walk by (and I live in the area), they are closed half the time when one would expect a bakery to be open. No hard feelings Yung Sing. Annapurna restaurant is another one of my favorite restaurants like may not be in luck if you have a craving for their food. Always call first to avoid dissappointment.