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May 24, 2009 08:41 PM

Drive-ins & Frosties in Sacramento!

What are some good drive-ins/Frosties in Sacramento?

In Rio Linda is Granites Original Drive In. Right at the Archway. This is the place that Bill Clinton visited and said "It was the best burger he ever had". It hs changed ownership since then, but it has only gotten better, the burgers are the some of the best in Sacramento, the hot dog was a grreat beef dog , split and grilled and served on a toasted french roll. WOW.

Most of their menu is sandwiches. Hot and cold. pastarami, Italian beef etc. I did not have one but from the looks of them, these are the real deal. Huge. full of stuff. And (best of all!!!) they come in an old school wrapper from the old days. Submarine!

Really really really good.

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  1. Jolly Burger on Auburn Blvd about a 1/2 block from Old Auburn (Sylvan Corners). Great old school frostie. Root Beer Freeze! Great burgers. Great tacos too, for a frostie. They got all the deep fried stuff, mushrooms etc. But the burgers are the standouts here.

    They used to have a combo meals but the owner told me that people used to keep trying to substitue more expensive items in lieu of the fries (Which are not bad), so he dropped the combos. No matter.

    He tried to seel the place a couple of years ago and the guy who he sold it to, ran it into the ground. Then it burned. So the old owner got it back, all charred and with no customers. They rebuilt the area that was burned, after months of inspections and code regulations and enforcement, and now they are back to it. really good food, nice people.

    1. What about Whitey's Jolly Kone in West Sac? Does that qualify? I love making the trek from Orangevale every August for their peach shakes. Yummy! They have some good burgers and fries too. The place is always crowded, but worth the wait.


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        MMMM, Whitey's Jolly Kone! I like to hit it when they are having a car rally show thingie. I kind of like it that it seems to be the center of town.

        I love Whitey's.