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May 24, 2009 08:28 PM

MSP Wakame Sushi Coming to Calhoun Commons

Sometimes a girl just needs a lemon, ya know? (And a need to try Izze Ginger soda ) So I strolled over to Whole Foods and I saw a permit notice on the door of the old Three Fish space. Wakame Sushi and Asian Bistro.

It really is a nice space, especially considering it's in a strip mall. It should lend itself nicely to an Asian restaurant.

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  1. It does. It's a beautiful space. Contemporary without being cold or cloistered. Lunch service was very good. Happy hour pricing runs until 6 on all food items.

    I had tuna, salmon, eel, tamago, flying fish and smelt roe. The tuna and tamago preparations were on point. No wasabi or soy needed. The menu I was ordering from didn't list quail egg, so I spaced on that, though to roe was completely fine without it.

    The eel was a bit crispy on the edges, and I think the portion was just too large, there was some residual fattiness. The salmon had the right texture and prep, but the fish itself had a bitter aftertaste.

    Companion ordered the three roll combo ($13 for lunch). The spicy yellowtail roll was excellent. Many spicy rolls are about anything but the fish, but the preparation played nice here. The avocado roll was dry, chewy, and tasted pre-fab.

    The sushi was very affordable, though the accoutrements (miso, sake, tea) drove the price up quite a bit. It's comparable to Wasabi, another hit or miss joint with an expansive menu (lot's of fusion dishes, in which I had no interest) and an entry-level price point.

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