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May 24, 2009 07:21 PM

#1 fine dining restaurant in Toronto?

I'm celebrating a big event this June, and also moving out of Toronto at pretty well the same time, so I want to celebrate this with a completely amazing meal. If money is no object, what would you say is the absolute best fine dining restaurant in Toronto? Currently I'm considering Splendido, Truffles, and Canoe. I've been to Splendido a few years ago and it stood out in my mind as one of the best meals I've ever had... is it still as spectacular?

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  1. Before David Lee leaves Splendido, I would go eat there for the last time! By TO standard, amazing Tasting menu with wine pairing, the total package! Canoe is also excellent nowadays. Truffles was good a year ago, unsure about now since had a new chef.

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      I second the Splendido notion. I think the food and environment will continue to be lovely, however, it will not be the David Lee Splendido I have grown to love.

      1. re: JennaBean

        The special 8 course end of reign tasting menu at Splendido will continue until 6/27, so you will have time to catch it still. After that, the restaurant closes for 3ish weeks to be retooled under the new owners.

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      1. Auberge du Pommier?
        I enjoyed it more then Canoe. Plus it is a much more relaxed environment, good for a small party.

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          Auberge du Pommier -- I second that. It's a classic.

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            I am still drooling over a meal at Auberge almost a year ago. Just outstanding and actually great value for the quality and quantity of the superb tasting menu. We had the pairings - which were generous although it was too much booze for a light drinker like me. I was gluttonous!! Most memorable was a chocolate dessert paired with a German strawberry beer -- how inventive is that! And the staff was so pleasant and attentive.

          2. re: flying101

            The food and service are better at Splendido than Canoe or Auberge and the 'best of' menu looks great...but if you can secure the corner table at Canoe, I don't think you could ask for a better setting for a celebratory night in the entire city.

            Auberge has a comfy sort of feel which is great for an intimate dinner for 2, but I'd take the view of the sunset from the 54th floor any summer night.

          3. My vote is also for Splendido if you can get in before the doors close...

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