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May 24, 2009 07:18 PM

Muffin Top Pan

I have just received a 6-cavity muffin top pan. Any suggestions on how to use it and what I can make with it? It looks to me from the size that I could use it to make eggs for breakfast sandwiches. Any other creative ideas? Or even, how do I use it for its intended purpose?


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  1. You use regular muffin batter but you only need about 1- 11/2 tablespoon of batter per muffin top. You top each muffin top with an equal amount of the struesel topping so you get a small amount of chewy muffin, with an equal amount of the sweet crispy struesel.

    I tend to use a oven temp of 25-50° less and check for done-ness after 1/2 the standard baking time.

    1. Watch the eggs - they stick. I once tried to make oven-poached eggs by putting water in each cavity, heating in the oven and then dropping the eggs in them. Sort of worked, but took ages to clean.

      I use mine to make bread rolls. I use a breadmaker to prepare the dough, but it does a lousy job of baking; much better to remove from the machine, knock down, stick it in some container to prove then bake in the oven.

      I`ve also done souffles, lining each pothole with a very thin omelette.

      They are also good for forming portions, such as baked mashed potato with broiled cheese.

      1. Check Martha Stewart's website. She has a recipe for whoopie pies that calls for the use of muffin top pans.

        1. I use mine for egg foo young, just spray them real good with pam.

          1. It's also just the right size for making Yorkshire Puddings.