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May 24, 2009 07:00 PM

Dinner Near the ACE HOTEL

After arriving in NY from Los Angeles I'll be staying at the Ace Hotel on June 13-17th with my girlfriend. When we finally check-in I imagine we'll be tired and just in the mood to go to dinner and maybe wander.

What's a nice casual sit-down restaurant near the restaurant where we can each eat for under $15?

The hotel is located on W 29th St. between 5th and Broadway.

While I'm on the subject of areas to eat near the hotel, are there any other places I might want to hit at some point over my stay within walking distance?

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  1. It would help if you would tell us what cuisines you prefer. Also, is that less than $15 budget supposed to cover for food, drinks (alcoholic?), tax (nearly 9%) and tip (20%)?

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      I'm open for anything so cuisine doesn't matter. As for budget the $15 is per entree per person. So $30 max not including drinks, tax, and tip.

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        For your night of arrival dinner, I would suggest Penelope, on the corner of Lex & 30th, a sweet casual little spot serving an eclectic menu. The food's very tasty, service is friendly, and the decor is kitchy.

    2. You're very close to Koreatown and also within easy walking distance of Curry Hill.

      Get information from the following threads and look up the place's menus on, or the restaurants' own websites, if they have them:

      "Dinner in Koreatown"

      The thing is, I hear that LA has great Korean food, so you may be pretty unimpressed. On the other hand, how good is your South Indian food?

      "Please Update Me on Curry Hill South Indian Options"

      You also could consider walking down to 17th St. between 5th and Broadway for Malaysian food at Laut, but perhaps you have great Malaysian food in LA.

      Do you want pizza? Not everyone likes the cracker-crust pizza at Vezzo, but if the concept doesn't bother you, I think you'll enjoy the taste, and definitely the price. It's at 31st and Lexington.

      Another thought is, how good is your Sichuan-style food in LA? If you don't have great Sichuan-style food, you should definitely consider walking up to Szechuan Gourmet, 39th St. between 5th and 6th. If you go, get only spicy dishes, as their non-spicy dishes tend to be a bit lacking in taste, in my experience, but their spicy dishes are excellent.

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        I lived at The Breslin / Ace Hotel when it was formerly rent-stabilized apts for the past 8 years-- I finally moved out to Brooklyn last year..

        That being said, there are a number of good places to eat in the area-- all within walking distance (5 blocks or so).

        For BBQ, you can try Hill Country. Meat by the pound, or get their Pitmaster Combo for $25. Its meant for one person, but its a good amount of food and can easily be split for two.

        Tabla bread bar might be a bit pricier, but might be doable (Neo-Indian type cuisine). I've never been a huge fan, but people seem to like it.

        Koreatown probably won't be much different/better than LA, but if you're in the mood i'd recommend Kun Jip on 32nd, or Cho Dang Gol on 35th (this place specializes in fresh tofu dishes).

        Oh, and of course there is SHAKE SHACK in Madison Square Park -- if the weather is nice and its an odd hour (early or late), you might be able to avoid the lines and get some really tasty burgers/fries/shakes etc. Definitely worth checking out.

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          I agree with Penelope, above, for a lighter dinner. I think Hill Country would be a great idea, as well. If you aren't ravenous, it's easy to eat on the cheap there. Everything is priced by the pound so you only get as much as you can consume.

          Shake Shack is another great recommendation if the weather is nice. It's great later in the evening outside with a bottle of wine and a burger from the shack!

          You can also try the Hog Pit which is across from Hill Country, which is more pub-style BBQ food.

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        1. I agree with Elton's suggestions, also with the Resto suggestion. Check out the penelope menu before going there. Though it's a nice place, it serves food you could find ANYWHERE. Other ideas: Bar Breton on 5th between 28/29. Pamplona on 28th between Madison & Park.

          1. Hi Mike - I agree with Elton's suggestions and want to add two others right around the corner on 5th Avenue. Bar Breton and illili. Bar Breton is on the west side of 5th, north of 29th and illili is on the west side of 5th as well, just south of 28th.
            Plan to have drinks in the lobby bar - run by the same gang that owns Spotted Pig and John Dory.