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May 24, 2009 06:52 PM

Searching for Dr. Browns soda and coke in old fashioned glass bottles...

anyone know where in SF or nearby to purchase Dr. Brown's soda or coca cola in glass bottles?
thx for any leads!

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  1. costco has the mexican coke in glass bottles. Not sure about where to get Dr. Brown's.

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    1. re: skwid

      I was going to recommend the Coke from Mexico. The reason it tastes both different and better is that it uses real sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. In cases from CostCo, or single bottles here and there: we see them at Marina Liquors in the Marina Shopping Center, San Mateo (at Hillsdale and Norfolk), and at various small hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants.
      Max's Opera Cafe serves Dr. Brown's.

    2. I've seen "heritage" sodas at Bev Mo...pretty sure they have Dr. Brown's...not as sure about glass-bottle Coke...

      1. I've seen Dr. Brown's soda at both Luckys and Safeway here in Central Contra Costa County. Luckys generally has a better selection iirc. I know for sure that the Pleasant Hill location carries it. It's not in glass bottles though.

        I think I've seen the little 8 oz glass bottles of Coca Cola at Las Montanas in Concord, and also at Target in Walnut Creek.