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Searching for Dr. Browns soda and coke in old fashioned glass bottles...

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anyone know where in SF or nearby to purchase Dr. Brown's soda or coca cola in glass bottles?
thx for any leads!

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  1. costco has the mexican coke in glass bottles. Not sure about where to get Dr. Brown's.

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      I was going to recommend the Coke from Mexico. The reason it tastes both different and better is that it uses real sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. In cases from CostCo, or single bottles here and there: we see them at Marina Liquors in the Marina Shopping Center, San Mateo (at Hillsdale and Norfolk), and at various small hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants.
      Max's Opera Cafe serves Dr. Brown's.

    2. I've seen "heritage" sodas at Bev Mo...pretty sure they have Dr. Brown's...not as sure about glass-bottle Coke...

      1. I've seen Dr. Brown's soda at both Luckys and Safeway here in Central Contra Costa County. Luckys generally has a better selection iirc. I know for sure that the Pleasant Hill location carries it. It's not in glass bottles though.

        I think I've seen the little 8 oz glass bottles of Coca Cola at Las Montanas in Concord, and also at Target in Walnut Creek.