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May 24, 2009 06:05 PM

Marche Moderne or Mastros?

I've never tried either, but have a celebratory dinner coming up. Obviously, I can only choose one, so what's the consensus?

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  1. It depends on what you want and the tastes of you and your dining companion(s). Both are really great establishments. One, obviously, for a French approach and the other for a carnivore's dream. What kind of experience are you looking for?

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    1. re: attran99

      Just interested in the best food. I love both types of cuisines. Which one will serve me a meal I will remember?

      1. re: OC Mutt

        Then do Moderne first; they have a wider menu.

    2. If you or your guest are craving a first class prime steak then Mastro's is clearly your best bet. Otherwise, for a much wider choice of excellent food, I would go to Marche Moderne. Pretty much everything there is good, but especially great are the charcuterie and scallop appetizers, and the lamb tagine entree is to die for.

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      1. re: josephnl

        Two things to avoid @ MM: escargot (too salty) & mussels (not plump enough).

        But yes, the charcuterie is is the cheese plate. I find service @ Mastro's to be top notch; @ MM, a tier or two below.

        1. re: OCAnn

          I disagree re the mussels. I really do consider myself a mussel maven having eaten tons (well maybe really just pounds) of mussels in Penn Cove, Washington over the years, as well as last summer eating mussels for both lunch and dinner for a week on Prince Edward Island in Canada. These locations produce some of the very finest mussels you can get on this side of the Atlantic. I absolutely agree that the mussels served at Marche Moderne are not as good as the freshly harvested mussels I've eaten in Washington and on PEI, but I think they are just about as good as any I have had in southern CA. If you've had better mussels in southern CA than those served at MM, please let us know where.

          1. re: josephnl

            Brussels Bistro in Laguna Beach...twice at each restaurant and BB was consistently plump where MM was comparably not.

            1. re: josephnl

              I've had better mussels both at Morels in the Grove and Tradition by Pascal in Santa Ana Heights.

              1. re: josephnl

                Here's an interesting thread on southern CA locations that serve great moules frites:

       -- Mussels & Fries, where o where?

            2. re: josephnl

              Yes, I am a guest, but I'm not "craving" any type of cuisine, just the meal with food I will remember, and hopefully crave someday in the future.

            3. Another vote for MM...truly a memorable meal each time we've gone.