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May 24, 2009 05:47 PM

Chipotle in Eatontown now open

Drove by the Monmouth Mall. The Chipotle opened on May 22. Better alternative than Bobby's next door.

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  1. Looked at the site and the menu. Did not actually see any reference to chipotle peppers being featured in the food...

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    1. re: equal_Mark

      I've only eaten at one once (not in NJ). I don't recall any reference to chipotle flavor on the menu, but I wouldn't have selected it anyway. I think the name is just to identify that it's Mexican and could be spicy.

      Good alternative fast food place, and a popular choice with the college kids, but certainly not in the same league as many others in the immediate vicinity.

      1. re: cantkick

        I guess it's similar to Chili's, another establishment who's name borders on deceptive advertising...

        1. re: equal_Mark

          another establishment who's name borders on deceptive advertising...


          I can't help but believe there is a little Chain Restaurant bashing going on here......and you are off the mark...:o)

          Just because the name can be an ingredient in a menu item does not mean the restaurant is theme is based exclusively or even remotely to the name. I seem to recall you have some positive feelings about Boom for their butgers, but what exactly doe Boom have to do with their product?

          Here in North Jersey, there is restaurant called Radicchio. Tther than the Tri-Color Salad offering, there is not another hint of the red lettuce.

          I could go on and on with the examples, but I am sure you and others get my point. Sometimes restaurant names will reflect their menu and sometimes they won't. There is no deceptive advertising going on simply with a name of a place. If that were true, there would be many more considered offenders by your reasoning.

          Restaurant names are chosen because they are catchy or to believed to be easily remembered......especially with chains and fast food operations......

          1. re: equal_Mark

            I like Chipotle. It's a good fast alternative. Nothing like Chilis. Much smaller menu, better quality.
            However, it's a moot point. If I'm near Monmouth Mall, my car automatically steers to the White Castle.

            1. re: equal_Mark

              So I guess you're not a fan of Rat either. :)

          2. re: equal_Mark

            Here it is =Mark listed in the ingredients.

            Definately not defending a chain here though, I'll still choose 10th Ave Burrito any time! I did try Chipotle once in Maryland last year, it was ok.

            1. re: DrewBB

              fourunder, go to Boom. Ask Joe the owner about the name. Expect a thorough dissertation on exactly why the name was chosen. I understand that restaurant names are not expected to specify an exclusive ingredient, but when a place chooses an obviously food related reference, there should be at least some passing acknowledgment of the connection. I'm not likely to go to a restaurant named "Burrito" to find good sushi.

              Drew, thanks for the link. Don't you think at least one of the salsas (or any of the ingredients) should have at least a passing hint of chipotle chile? :-)

              1. re: equal_Mark


                Since you seem to take this issue so seriously, why would I go to any place simply to find out what the reason was for their selection of the name choice?......and if I were to go to any place and ask the question...I would fully expect to receive the answer, so what's your point? If the owner did not respond in truth, then I would consider it an act of deception.

                Speaking directly of Chili's or Chipotle, and what type of place it is, I would deduce it was was either Mexican, Southwestern or Spicy as the others who have commented. There are many type of peppers and I know both Chipotle and Chili's have some them on their menu. Maybe not everyone can come to the same conclusions, but where's the deception? I cannot say for fact at the moment, but I would bet the house on the assumption Chili's and Chipotle both use chili powder spice in their seasoning of items, whether they referece it or not.

                As for your Burrito's analogy and finding good Sushi at his hypothetical restarant....that's not even a credible example for your argument......but you can go to Houston's and find an excellent Tuna Sashimi Salad, whether or not you expect to find it on their menu.

                BTW.......Drew's link to Chipotle doe have examples where Chipotle Pepper Adobo is specifically mentioned in "Chicken, Steak and Barbacoa". Why am I not surprised you did not mention that?

                1. re: equal_Mark

                  Good point...I also noticed when you go to McDonalds and order a burger, Ronald McDonald does not actually make it..and he usually does not even work in the store! Talk about deceptive advertising!

              2. re: equal_Mark


                from the link:

                "(Steve Ells, the founder and CEO of Chipotle) returned to the Denver area, where he had lived during his junior/senior high years, to open the first Chipotle Mexican Grill. It was named after a smoked and dried jalapeƱo pepper that figured prominently among the ingredients, particularly the marinades used to flavor the meats."

                Chipotle is 90% owned by McDonalds but they let the original owner of the business call the shots. They're mostly there for site selection . Chipotle likes to describe themselves as fast casual.

                I kind of feel guilty endorsing a chain but I really like Chipoltle. If I need a quick meal and I'm in the New Brunswick area the Chipotle at the intersection of 130 and route 1 is my go to place. There's always a line but it moves quick and the pace keeps the food fresh. It's a simple concept. You pick either; a burrito, three tacos (soft or hard) or a salad bowl and build from there. The nice thing is the options are clear. If you're in the mood for a healthy lunch you can pretty much get there (the salt is probably high) but if you want to stuff your face all the decadent burrito stuff is there too.

                They try to use better ingredients including free range pork and corn that isn't genetically modified. I hope their growth encourages the production of more high quality products and don't mind paying more for quality. I only hope they don't expand too fast and start cutting corners.

                1. re: jrd303

                  McDonald's spun off Chipotle quite a while ago.

                  what guilt is associated with supporting a business whose products you enjoy? that's counter-intuitive to my mind.

                  1. re: tommy

                    I love Chipotle and am not afraid to admit it!

              3. Awesome! Yes, they are a chain; but, when my gluten free friend from Brooklyn comes for a visit I usually take her to Morgano's in Middletown, which has an extensive gluten free menu. Now we have an alternative that is significantly cheaper and quite yummy and extremely reliable for gluten free options.

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                1. re: luckysparkplug

                  How is Morgano's? I wasn't crazy about the pizza, never tried the other dishes. Seems to be very fish oriented. Not surprising given his previous position (Bahr's chef).

                  1. re: cantkick

                    I think Morgano's has closed. I haven't driven by, but tried calling tonight for a GF pizza and got a message that the number was disconnected.

                    1. re: highlandsnj

                      Yes, Morgano's is closed. There's a sign saying another pizza place is "coming soon." I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. The two or three places before it were much better, and they had problems.

                2. Could someone tell me if this is a sit-down restaurant with servers or more of a fast food place a la Five Guys? Thanks.

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                  1. re: MichelleM131

                    Like Five Guys. Or a sub shop. About a dozen or two tables. Go to counter, place your order, tell them what you want in it, pay, enjoy.

                  2. The irony that Chipotle landed the Mex audience over Bobby Flay..