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May 24, 2009 05:23 PM

Help - special occasion brunch

We're taking another couple out for brunch to celebrate a birthday. It's become a tradition over the years but I'm having trouble coming up with a nice elegant spot. I think I've pretty much run out of ideas so I'm turning to you folks. We've done The Four Seasons, Jacque's, Windsor Arms, Prince Hotel. I was thinking about Frank at the AGO which I've heard is quite good but the menu seems quite ordinary. I should mention it's on a Sunday. Thanks folks.

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  1. Globe is meant to do a really nice brunch, though I've never been myself.

    1. Gallery Grill at Hart House U of T...or C5 at the ROM...both great elegant venues...Miranda

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        Sadly, I'm pretty sure that Gallery Grill closes for the summer.

      2. I really emjoyed Fire on the East side. Not as elegant as somthing like the AGO, but it is intimate and great food.

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          Been to Globe a few times and while it's was okay, they seem to be very inconsistent in terms of service which is important to me.

          I've been wanting to go to the Gallery Grill but I don't think it's open on Sundays. I will check it out though.

          1. re: millygirl

            Gallery Grill is closed on Saturdays but is open on Sundays. It doesn't close for the summer until the end of June, I believe.

            I have never had a bad experience there: the wine list is well thought out; the service is attentive; and the food is consistently good. it is one of my favourite restaurants brunch or otherwise.


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              If the Gallery Grill is open, I also recommend it. Other ideas; Le Select has a great patio, and Simple Bistro, isn't elegant, but every nice food. I thought C5 was bad, and I've only been to Frank for dinner, but it was pretty mediocre.

        2. Although it was recently reviewed in a not so positive light in the Globe and Mail, I've been to Atelier Thuet twice in the last two month and on both instances the food was great. I really like the vibe of the space, the service was good at both visits and well the bread basket is out of this world. It says it is for two people but it can be shared by four without worry.

          I've also recently been to Frank and Mildred's Temple Kitchen and neither have matched the food quality that I got at Atelier Thuet.