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May 24, 2009 04:33 PM

Good Places to Eat near IAH airport?

We'll be staying at the Sheraton near George Bush Airport for 3 nights, and were hoping for some good suggestions on where to eat nearby.


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  1. Do you have a car? If so, these are in what I would consider an easy drive.

    Family friendly dining or adults only?

    Family friendly - I love the stuffed bbq potatos at Tin Roof BBQ.

    Adult upscale - Chez Nous for French

    I also highly recommend Chimichurri's in Kingwood. They have a prix fixe at lunch - 3 courses and tea/soda for $15 on weekdays.

    Is there something special you would like?

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    1. re: onatrip

      Thanks, onatrip!
      Yes, we will have a car.
      We're looking for casual salad/burger type places (not fast food) or Italian would be great. Nothing too fancy or expensive.

      1. re: dina4

        My favorite place for burgers in this area is nothing to recommend if you want to impress someone.

        I really love the burgers at Bill's Cafe on 494 in Kingwood near Kingwood Dr. The burgers are great but the service is often slow and it is definitely an ice house vibe. You will see all types here.

        Likely, Chez Nous isn't in the price range you've expressed.

        I'm trying to think of Italian restaurants. Typically, I would recommend restaurants in Houston (Maggiano's or Michaelangelo's) for Italian but if you are trying to stick in the local area, I'd say that Italiano's on 1960 near 59 in Humble or Amadeo's on 494 in Kingwood would be my recommendations. There is also a Zio's and Olive Garden in the area but I don't consider them destinations for foodies.

        May I ask from where are you?

        1. re: onatrip

          We're from southern california. I'll be with my teenage daughter who will be playing in a soccer tournament and studying for finals.
          So not trying to impress anyone, really. Healthy, nutritious, and GOOD are what we're aiming for. (Carbs would be great, but, yes, no Olive Garden!)

          I'm not sure how far the places above are. I was hoping for someplace close to the hotel. We also love Mexican.
          How far is Kingwood?

          Thanks so much for your help!

          1. re: dina4

            According to Google maps, it should be about a 15 minute drive from your hotel to Bill's. In Houston driving proportions, I consider that close. Healthy doesn't describe Bills. Decadent burger describes it better.

            "Our" version of Mexican (Tex-Mex) is quite different than the California version. My favorite in this area is Rancho Grande in Atascocita. I really like their Carne Guisada w/ tortillas. Google maps puts it at 27 minutes.

            There is a chain in Humble that serves Tex-Mex. I believe that Chowhounders vary in their thoughts on Pappasito's. Me, I like it and it is one of your closer options. My favorites are the fajitas and the chicken enchiladas. 10005 W FM 1960
            Humble, TX 77338 It is about 5 minutes. Look out for the red light cameras at the intersections in the nearby area.

            Hopefully others will be able to give you some feedback about restaurants on I45. You are close to two different freeways and it is obvious which area I know better!

            One place that does come to mind in the Woodlands area (45North but several locations around town) is I've gone here with 40 teenagers for lunch and everyone found something to enjoy.

            If you decide it is time for a day at the mall, bypass Deerbrook and go to the Woodlands Mall up 45 North. The drive is further but it is a significantly better mall and there are many smaller shops in the immediate area of the mall. Deerbrook is fine if you just need something close but it isn't what I consider a good browsing mall. I'd skip Greenspoint Mall..

            I just thought of a quick salad bar close to your hotel - Jason's Deli. It is just across the street from the Pappasito's so 5 mins from your hotel. They have sandwiches, salad bar, soup, baked potatoes. Not a chowhounders dream but one of the better salad bars in the immediate area.

            If you are looking for a grocery store in the area, my favorite is the HEB in Atascocita. They have some prepared meals ready for the taking in the deli that will work if you are in a hurry. The Kroger's close to the hotel is definitely nothing special.
            7405 FM 1960 Rd E
            Humble, TX 77346
            (281) 812-4357

            1. re: onatrip

              Thanks so much!!
              You read my mind and seemed to anticipate every think we might need.
              I will print out and take us. We leave in a couple of days.
              Thanks again for being so generous!