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May 24, 2009 04:32 PM

Vietnamese Sizzling Crepe a la No Reservations

Just finished watching Anthony Bourdain's most recent trip to Vietnam. He had a breakfast of the most amazing looking crispy crepe filled with a variety of ingredients. Does anyone know of Vietnamese restaurants in L.A. that serve something like this?

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  1. maybe if you searched the LA board for "banh xeo" you might find something.

    1. Go to Van's Restaurant on Brookhurst or Banh Cuon Tay Ho for banh xeo. My two faves in Little Saigon.

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      1. re: Raspberries

        Yep, Van's Restaurant in Westminster aka Little Saigon would be your best bet. If you know a Viet family and have them cook it for you, that would be awesome. My mom's banh xeo are the BEST!

        1. re: groover808

          Probably your best bet, yes. Banh xeo is pronounced -- sort of, Vietnamese pronunciation is not easily rendered -- "bahn seh-aw", but the last word is sort of mushed together.

      2. pho cafe in silverlake makes a tasty version, though it is much smaller than other places i've tried, and they serve it with a peanutty sauce rather than nuoc cham. but it always comes with superfresh garnishes and the contrast between the cool lettuce and herbs and the crispy crepe and juicy beef is just right.

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        1. re: tastycakes

          depending on the OP's willingness to travel, I would definitely agree with Van's in OC. They are my go to place for banh xeo...Not much of atmosphere, but it's near Vietnam prices!! I think it's like 4.95 the last time I went for a huge platter, including all the fixins'.

          Saigon cafe's (Silver lake) rendition is just ok...tiny compared with Van's.


          1. re: hppzz

            Another vote for Van's. 3 of us had lunch there recently & it was only $16 & we were stuffed!
            Definitely worth seeking out.