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May 24, 2009 04:12 PM

Great Dinner in Brooklyn Heights

Just wanted to share that me and my guy had a lovey meal at Noodle Pudding on Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights last night. There was a Morton's next door to our hotel, but we much prefer to find spots that reflect the neighborhood and surrounding area. Noodle Pudding, despite a weird name, fit the bill perfectly.

Tight quarters lended a family feel rather than being just crowded, and the nice weather permitted the tables to spill out on to the street. The lamb caputo and osso bucco were good, but the star of the evening was actually the lemon and garlic mussels appetizer - truly good enough to make a meal.

No cards, just cash, and you'll probably have to wait at the tiny bar for a table; but if you're looking for good food and a casual atmosphere, this is a lovely spot.

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  1. love the osso bucco there. You picked well for that neighborhood. Are you in the area for a while? The Waterfront Alehouse is great for casual fare. (Awesome ribs and really good burgers.) And you can't beat Smith Street. Saul is my favorite on Smith but there are any number of other winners there.

    1. We were next door at Henry's End eating soft shell crabs and duck with some friends at the same time. Both places are great and our neighborhood "go to" joints. By the way, the owner of Noodle Pudding (Tony) has an Italian last name that translates as "noodle pudding".

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      1. re: Steve R

        I love both places dearly, and go to one or the other at least once a week.

        However, I cannot say anything positive about any other restaurant in the neighborhood, really.

        You'll find out. I have never liked any place on MOntague, but still am holding out for when the park comes in.

        1. re: NYJewboy

          I have to say, for years I've steered towards Noodle Pudding. In 3 attempts I just never had a great meal at Henry's End. Last night, when it was the only thing open, parts of the meal were pretty good.

          More to the point, I've been to Jack the Horse tavern 6 or 7 times in the last 2 months and it's been hard to find a bad dish. I especially recommend the octopus salad and the smoked trout salad.