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May 24, 2009 03:43 PM

Interesting find - instant Korean ramen

I keep an emergency package or two of Japanese ramen on hand for the noodles - the flavor packets just don't cut it for me. However, I stumbled upon Korean ramen at Grocery Outlet and decided to try it. The flavor packet is actually slightly concentrated chile sauce that you add after reconstituting the noodles. Among the usual suspects it contains Chinese cabbage, chives, grape juice, mandarin (orange?), mustard, pear, radish, seaweed and sesame seed. It was actually pretty tasty - you could taste the fruit in the background.

Has anyone else had this and what do you think?
Is there anything special I should look for at a Korean restaurant? The package is labeled 'bibim myun'.

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  1. Korean (and other Asian) groceries have whole aisles of ramen like this, as well as ones in the cooler. Some are close to the Japanese style, others quite distinctively Korean. I've also bought instant ramen adapted to Indian tastes, with extra packets of hot oil, and fried onions.

    1. This is an instant version of the dish called bibim neng myun. The real version has slivered apple pear hence the flavor in the instant. I love this version and will have it instead of chips on some movie nights at home.

      1. Shin Ramyun is probably my favorite of the Korean ramen soups, although the Yeul Ramyon is pretty close.