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May 24, 2009 03:31 PM

Certified refrigerated pie crust?

Does such a thing exist? My mom always bought the frozen pie crusts that were already formed & in a tin, but I'd like to experiment with some turnover-type recipes and would rather not have to take them apart. Many thanks.

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  1. I haven't tried them, but has pie crusts from Oronoque Orchards:

    I assume's customer service could provide you info on whose hechsher is on the pie crusts.

    The same pie crusts are also re-labelled under Stop & Shop and Mrs. Smith names.

    Apparently, it is also available at Walmarts, to go by Walmart's site. I believe that I have also seen them at Costco.

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    1. re: Dovid

      Thanks for the speedy response, but those all look pre-crimped. I'm looking for crusts that aren't already shaped, so we won't have to unshape them for other uses--I find that they break up too much when you tinker.

      1. re: dknylic

        They seem to be pre-crimped, and probably impossible to pry loose.

        I wonder if someone sells pie crusts as flat 12 inch sheets.

        1. re: Dovid

          This dough that you roll out yourself available through

          I've used Unk's kindl dough, and was pleased with the results. I haven't tried this, however.

          1. re: Dovid

            That looks pretty promising, Dovid, thanks!

    2. I've never seen them, though I'm pretty sure I once saw it listed as an ingredient in a recipe in one of Susie Fishbein's books. Now I've often found that she calls for ingredients I've never seen with a hechsher, so maybe there are wildly different kosher foods available where she lives, but if anyone has a connection to her, maybe they could ask her. Someone once posted here using her name, but I am suspicious (by nature), and doubt that it was really her.

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        whole foods has a trans fat free organic pie crust-it is crimped. to answer you queenscook, it was really was susie fishbein posting;she asked me the same question she posted about

        1. re: queenscook

          Hi- this is Susie Fishbein (really), my friend saw this post and passed it on to me :) If you live in an area with a very kosher market like Brachs, Glatt Express, type stores, there is a kosher brand of doughs that you roll out, they come in a rectangular brick wrapped in white paper with pink labels, light blue, and light green. I have not used them in years so I no longer remember which is pastry dough and which is flaky dough but they were pretty good. As for puff pastry, if you are not concerned about the fat content, Pepperidge Farms sell puff pastry squares that work fabulously for a quick fruit turnover of any kind.

        2. If you want to do turnovers...I'd go with pepperidge farm puff pastry sheets.

          1. I stopped using the frozen crimped stuff years ago. It is SO easy to make your own pie crust in a food processor (especially if you want to roll it out yourself anyway) and the result is so far superior to anything store-bought. I use the recipe in the Betty Crocker cookbook.

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            1. re: websterhall1994

              You're probably right, but I'm teaching a cooking class for harried moms! No time to make dough from scratch--it's all about time-saving techniques. One of my students is kosher, hence the search.

              Puff pastry could work, I guess. I'm also thinking pizza dough. Trader Joe's is certified, I believe.

              1. re: dknylic

                If you doing a class on time savings techniques then you REALLY should use the puff pastry, it already rectangle shaped, (much easier to roll out if needed).

                1. re: dknylic

                  Just a tip-
                  I find Trader Joe's pizza dough very difficult to roll out unless you let it fully come to room temp- at least an hour or two on the counter. I think it says 20 minutes on the package, but if it's even a little cold, it always contracts back into a tiny, thick oval of dough.

              2. the blocks of dough susie is referring to still exist and are in great demand.they are available inindependant retailers in most areas and shoprites as wells AS FAIRWAY FOR THE FLAKY AND 5 X 5 TURNOVER DOUGHS.they are color coded as such
                pie pastry-blue
                cookie pastry-white
                there are also puff pastry sheets

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                1. re: gleibler

                  Any information about prices?
                  I wanted to buy the certifed puff pastry sheets at Shoprite- found them in the frozen kosher section, but there was no price listed on the product or the shelf.
                  They rang up at $14.99 -I thought that was pricey so I didn't buy it.