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May 24, 2009 03:04 PM

Memorial Day Brunch

Yeah!!!!! My favorite brunch spot is open on Memorial Day. I am going to Creme Cafe on U street, NW DC to get my two favorites the Wild Hibiscus Royale and the Chicken and Waffles or should I try the Shrimp & Grits. So many choices. Food is sooooooo good!

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  1. How was your food at Creme Cafe? What did you order? I am thinking of going there next week.

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    1. re: cajungirl

      Sounds to me like this person works for Creme or their PR company. Check out their profile and the only other post was a rec for Creme.

      I've been there for brunch once. It was good, but I've had better brunch. I had their eggs chesapeake and was not impressed with the amount of crab provided--if you're craving that go to Clyde's instead! My husband had the wild mushroom bene and found it just okay as well.
      If you'll be in the U Street area I'd choose Busboys & Poets or Ulah over Creme, but I have friends who really enjoy Creme's brunch. Note they don't take reservations for brunch.

      1. re: KWynn

        Thanks for the info. Hate to waste a meal.