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May 24, 2009 02:57 PM

Hot Wok

A new one opened in Exton. My boss (who is Chinese and who pays serious attention to food, I think) likes it for takeout (rather, than say, Han Dynasty), so it may be more than just another Chinese restaurant.

I gather it's a chain. Does anyone know anything about it? I may try it this week and report back, but in the meantime, I thought I would ask.


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  1. I just stopped in there after work today. The menu is a standard Chinese takeout menu. They claim to have Thai but that is mostly limited to Pad Thai and Lettuce Wraps. I tried the soft shell crabs from the Thai menu. I'm not sure what makes them Thai but they were very good, deep fried and fresh.

    They other interesting thing was the cheesesteak eggroll! I'll let someone else try that one first. It was also funny that they have huge signs that say "top 100 chinese restaurant in USA". When you look at the fine print, it says "nominated for" and "please vote".

    I'll give them another try sometime, sadly they aren't different enough to stand out from all the other Chinese places in Exton (Mall food court, buffets, fusion places). You still can't beat Han Dynasty for food adventure.

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      Thanks, xtown. We tried them on Sunday and found the same thing as you. Better than average, but I am puzzled by that "top 100" label. When my boss comes back from vacation, I will find out why he likes it. Right now, it's not that obvious.