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May 24, 2009 02:14 PM

Sugar-free bakery or cakes on the westside?

Any of he sugar-free references I've seen aren't particlularly westside friendly. Anyone have a good bakery for festive sugar-free cakes or goodies on the westside?

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  1. I've seen sugarless turnovers and cheesecake at Diamond Bakery on Fairfax north of Beverly. Not sure what else they may have. Cobbler Lady in Crenshaw Square has some variety of sugarless cobbler every day. Other days may see sugarless red velvet cupcakes, cookies, or whatever else they decide to sell on the particular day. All their stuff is very good.

    1. I've seen sugar-free at Viktor Benes' - I think cookies. Jamaica's Cakes on Pico in West LA has some very good vegan goodies that I (an omnivore) will eat without hesitation. This tells me that they are capable of some great things in their kitchen. But sugar is a serious major component in yummy baked goods, not only for taste, but for texture as well. But who knows - give them a call, let them know your requirements, and they may be able to spin some magic.

      1. Mani's Bakery on Fairfax, please see link below.

        1. Check out The Sensitive Baker in Culver City - they make sugar-free cakes with xylitol upon request.

          Bristol Farms and Whole Foods also carry Fabe's brand cakes, which are free of refined sugar.

          In case pie is acceptable, Ralph's does a pretty good sugar-free pie line.

          1. So Far The Cobbler Lady is the winner. The sugar-free peach and cherry cobbler was great. The cherry was a bit liquidy as they use agave juice as their sweetener, and I guess the cherries don't absorb much. The peach was not liquidy. The cookies and tea cakes good also. The red velvet cupcake has great frosting but the cake a bit dry.

            Got sugar-free/vegan cupcakes at the Sensitive Baker. I REALLY did not like them. The frosting was dense and tasted yucky (technical term). They use agave juice and xylito to l sweeten, and it did not work for me.

            Sweet Lady Jane does a chocolate mousse cake by order only. I did not taste it. A Few years ago I got ok sugar-free mousse cake and maybe cheesecake at Edy's Patries (home of the fantastic minitaure pastries) in the north Valley.

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              Sounds like you got the day old sugarless red velvet cupcakes at Cobbler Lady. Truly amazing when they're fresh. You can guess if it's fresh based on the number of remaining items.

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                You are spot on - there were two left, so I got an old one. Will make sure i get a fresh one next time.