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May 24, 2009 01:57 PM

Toronto: Spanish groceries

Does anyone know of a Spanish grocery in Toronto, or even a store with a large selection?

I'm looking for pimenton la vera (of course) but also, ideally, would like to browse a selection of tinned things like anchovies, eels, piquillos, and octopus--serrano would be a bonus too.

There's another thread on the smoked paprika, and a few on serrano, but again, am curious if there's a one-stop-shop place ("Spain-4-U?")


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  1. Pimenton is very easy to find I've even seen it at Metro!
    Pasquale Bros has quite a few Spanish items- olive oils,cheeses and many other imported items items (piquillos, pisto, quince paste). They have meats, but I'm not sure what kind.

    Also check out Scheffler's Deli in the St. Lawrence Market. He has Serrano, cheese, olives, oils, spices...

    Pasquale Bros
    16 Goodrich Rd, Toronto, ON M8Z, CA

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      Actually, I am also looking for a one stop Spanish grocery-not Latin American or Mexican but Spanish. Piementon is pricey and limited: and pasqualebros is ok but surely there are Spanish people living in this city and looking for home style products? I will start searching for neighbourhoods.

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        Thank you! I didn't know about this store.

      2. This sounds like what you're looking for.

        681 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

        1. Thanks to both of you for the replies.

          I ended up going to Pasquale Bros, because I hadn't been there since they were downtown. They carry one brand of Spanish paprika (Chiquilin), but the smoked paprika I bought isn't that great--too subtle, not really fruity--I'm not sure if it has to do with it not being D.O.P. pimenton de la Vera. Also, a few of the other products for sale were past their expiry date. This surprised me, as I used to find it a very nice store to shop at. I was pleased though to find some olives from El Cortes Ingles though, as well as some piquillos stuffed with cod.

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            Wow, Olivia, I'm surprised to hear that. Thank you for letting us know. Did you express your concerns to the store? I think they should know. I'm glad you found a couple of tasty items.

            1. re: Olivia

              Fresh and wild carries 3 diff brands of imported spanish smoked paprika (sweet and hot).

            2. I spent yesterday looking, and after a visit to Pimenton (great takeout, a few excellent grocery items, and all pricey), went out to Pasquale Bros. Fantastic! Saw more Spanish grocery items there than I have seen anywhere else in Toronto, and went home with several bags of groceries including Serrano ham considerably cheaper than any other places where it is available. Anna Marie, owner, was enthusiastically helpful and most generous. Bin of near expiry or post expiry date items contained some real bargains if you use them quickly. I will be back there soon.