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May 24, 2009 01:51 PM

Food made with cookie cutters

My daughter is having a kangaroo birthday party in two weeks and I am trying to finalize the menu. I'm ordering a kangaroo cookie cutter and thought it would be fun to make some food with the cookie cutter. My first thought was tea sandwiches but I don't think I will have time that morning to make them and worry about them sitting all night and getting soggy. I also thought of bread sticks but am not sure what food I would serve them with. We will be at a park so I won't have a way to heat up food. Anyone have any ideas or knows a way to keep sandwiches from going soggy? Thanks!

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  1. Maybe don't assemble them til you get to the park?

    1. If you google 'bento box' you might find some ideas. How about cheese or lunchmeat cutouts? To go with crackers.

      1. Can you make jello jigglers in a jelly roll pan and cut them with into 'Roo' shapes?
        I think if you made roo cookies and did a huge cookie jungle landscape, palm trees, etc- the crowd will go wild.
        I would bring everything for the sandwiches to the park and recruit a grown up for assembly help (but I'm not one of those people with rules like 'guests don't do anything but relax' - your mileage may vary...) but I'd make sure everything else is ready to rock.

        1. Just cut the bread out the night before, put in a large baggie and then assemble at the park. I often do that with christmas parties or bday parties when making small tea type of sandwiches. I just did shrimp and mint sandwiches but didn't put them together until right before the party. But cut out all the rounds for the sandwiches and cut all the cucumber slices, etc ahead of time.

          Cheese is fun if they like cheese, I love getting thicker slices of ham, turkey, etc.

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            When my daughter was little I'd often slice cheese and then cut with various cookie cutters - saved the scraps (that I didn't eat) for mac and cheese.

            1. re: janeh

              I used to buy thick slices from the deli and cut in stars, hearts, etc. Fun for kids. They think it is a special treat

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                I like the cheese slices idea. With the sandwiches, if I cut the bread the night before, wouldn't I be really limited on the fillings? I thought for sandwiches with things like cucumber, turkey, cheese etc I would need to assemble the sandwich then cut it with the cookie cutter. That way it would all be the same size

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                  It'll all be the same size if you use the same cookie cutter! Cut the bread; cut the cheese; forget cucumber or just cut it small enough to fit. Or cut the bread and schmear with tuna/crab/chicken or ham salad.

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                    Most kids probably don't like lots of sandwich topping so you could stack the cheese and turkey together and cut out the shape and the bread separate, Just keep the lunch meat and cheese sealed well and covered so it doesn't dry out. Should be easy to put together.

                    I make a easy chicken salad with just a little mayo, chicken and raisins that kids seem to love vs adding onions and celery and I dice it pretty fun in the food chopper and younger kids to like it. Tuna and ham salad is also great Kilted, most kids like that. PB&J or PB and banana.

                    Another great little desert is good old fashioned pudding and you can buy these little cups with lids right from the party store. Disposable, cheap, make the pudding and layer with bananas, fresh strawberries, blueberries. You could take them all put together and then take a baggie with some M&M's, or granola or nuts. Some plastic spoons and easy.

            2. The key to making party sandwiches in advance is to butter the bread well. Then use fillings and wrap in wax paper.

              I have made MANY fancy sandwiches for showers etc.

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                Thanks salsailsa! So you are saying that as long as I butter the bread and wrap it in wax paper it will be fine doing it a day ahead of time? what bread have you found that works well? Also what are some of your favorite fillings? any other tips?

                1. re: elliora

                  We usually use just a basic white bread and a whole wheat for variety. If you preorder the bread from a bakery, you can get them to slice it lengthwise from end to end and then it's a lot easier to pop out a bunch of sandwiches.

                  The general method for storage would be wrap in wax paper, place in a tupperware lined with a slightly damp tea towel. Cover the top with the towel and then put the lid on. The woman I learned this from could give Martha Stewart a run for her money.

                  As for fillings, we tend to do egg salad, ham salad, salmon salad, imperial cheese (a spreadable cheddar cheese-not processed), curried chicken salad with cranberries, cream cheese with bits of marachino cherries.

                  For kids peanut butter and jelly would work, cheese whiz and ham or some kind of deli meat, balogna or a flavored cream cheese.

                  I would stay away from tomato because that tends to make things soggy regardless of what precautions you take. You can use leaf lettuce that is dried well but I'm not sure how well the cookie cutter will cut through the lettuce.

                  One other cuttable thing you could add to your menu is watermelon, depending on availability. You can cut thinner slices and then use the cookie cutter to cut shapes.