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May 24, 2009 01:44 PM

Custom cake decorations

So I'm not even sure if something like this exists, but if it does, you guys would know about it! My daughter is having a kangaroo birthday party in two weeks. I made her a cake last year but this year between being busy and not being crafty enough to make a kangaroo, I'd like to source out some help. Ideally what I would like is to make the sheet cake myself and find someone who can make a couple little kangaroos to put on top. Does not matter what they are made of as long as they look good. Is there anyone who would do a custom job like this?
I would think it would save a lot of money over having the whole cake made, although I suppose if there is someone who could make a cake with a custom design for cheap I'd let go of my control :) But from what I've researched that is probably out of our budget. So anyone got any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Cheapest option = hit the toy store. You should be able to buy plastic kangaroo figurines to put on the cake. You may also possibly find Kanga and Roo figurines (don't know if Pooh would suit you). Sweet Dreams in Oakland used to always stock a wide variety of small plastic animals.

    Playmobil also makes a set of kangaroos. Many local toy stores carry (inc. Sweet Dreams) Playmobil, so start calling around.

    None of the above are edible, but the birthday girl can keep them after the party.

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      Thank you!! i have been looking all over for kangaroo figurines with no luck and called sweet dreams and they had one. That will be perfect, I'm sure I can manage to make some grass on a cake. Thank you again!

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        Shredded coconut w/ green food coloring will be decent grass, scattered on chocolate icing. You can also use green jimmies. I hope that the cake will read, "Hoppy Birthday."

        Sorry about that.

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          You got any other ideas, cause I love what you have so far :) I was going to try to pipe icing, the coconut idea sounds way simpler. Hoppy Birthday, I think I actually like that!

          1. re: elliora

            Have you checked out "Spun Sugar" in Berkeley on University Avenue?

    2. Roo from Winnie the Poo is a kangaroo. Have you tried looking for decorations based on that story? It would seem that party stores would carry that.

      Maybe you can work with a bakery that does photocakes and they can make the image for you to place on the cake. This explans photo cakes ... scroll down the page.

      There are lots of Bay Area bakeries that do photo cakes. Where are you located?

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        I'm trying to stay away from winnie the poo, only since her love is for real kangaroos, she wants to be a kangaroo doctor when she grows up!

        I hadn't thought of a photo cake, but I think I will try the to do the cake with a kangaroo figurine like lexdevil suggested. I take from my mother, I got to do everything myself!

        Thank you for the suggestions though, not related to this, but I'm always a fan of your reports.