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May 24, 2009 12:37 PM

Succulent fried chicken?

Can I get a recommendation from you hounds?
I've got a terrible craving for salty, crunchy, juicy fried chicken. Ideally, the chicken would be consumed outside, with cold beer, and wouldn't be too expensive. Northern Liberties, Fishtown or Old City, preferably. What do you think, folks -- who fries the tastiest bird?

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  1. I recall a mention of a place on Girard Avenue in the Northern Liberties area within the last couple of years, but I've been unable to locate either the place or the mention.


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    1. re: coolgeek

      that place wasn't in northern liberties, it was closer to fairmount....good fried chicken in philly is not to be found in that part of the city unfortunately.....

      1. re: mazza3

        It was a Rick Nichols piece on a place around 2800 Girard wasn't it? And the owner was the Aunt of a professional basketball player (who set her up in business)?

        1. re: Bigley9

          There is Debra's on Girard (west of Broad), which is a Soul Food restaurant. There's also a take out place called, I think, John's somewhere on the East side that I have heard good things about.

            1. re: thehungrything

              YES! DKs is good, and Butters. Both on Girard in the 20s.

              1. re: hollyd

                I love chowhounders for filling in my blanks (and correcting my errors - imagine Marvin Harrison playin hoops)!!!!

      2. I am hopeful that you get some good responses , I live in West Chester but travel to Philly on occasion and love fried chicken but gave up after so many were not what I was looking for

        1. You and me both. Unfortunately, the best tasting is probably the worst healthwise. That is, floured and salted, egg dipped, breaded and fried in lard. That's the way both of my grandmothers did it and both recipes were superb. Where to get that around here is a mystery. Maybe you can just make your own.


          1. This isn't an answer you would be expecting, but I find that Popeye's fried chicken and all the things that come with it are a guilty pleasure. We get our fix in a N. J. Turnpike stop,going North, somewhere north of exit 4, probably before exit 5, but I'm not sure about that. And, you can bring your own beer. And, they have picnic tables. I know they sell buckets, and that makes the cost even more reasonable. They wouldn't be using lard, but it tastes sinfully good.

            1. Meme on 22nd and Spruce does EXACTLY what you are looking for every Thursday for lunch. I think its like 11 dollars for fried chicken, a biscuit and a Miller High Life. They should have outside seating by now too.