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May 24, 2009 12:34 PM

I need a large quantity punch idea non-alcoholic for tomorrow

Classic and not so classic any and all ideas welcome really. Maybe an interesting punched up lemonade. Unfortunately for me friends and family are not drinkers so the main beverages have to be unspiked. I have one beverage dispenser that holds about 3 gallons so one easy to make large quantity recipe will be really great. I will just tote my own party in a flask.

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    1. How about Arnold Palmer - half iced tea, half lemonade.

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      1. re: critter101

        thanks we just decided on Arnold Palmers earlier. May do the hibiscus for a nightcap

      2. Probably too late for you, but here is another thread with punch suggestions. The Pacific Sparkler Punch I recommended is very very good for a crowd.

        1. i love a 2 liter of ginger ale, a large can of pineapple juice and raspberry sherbert. so yummy with frozen raspberries floating around!

          1. Gallon jugs of the Tampico brand fruit juices from the megamart, combined with Ginger Ale, crushed ice and fruit cocktail for a non-alcoholic Sangria...