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May 24, 2009 12:30 PM

Blazer and Jeans @ Per Se

Is this a no-no @ Per Se?

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  1. No jeans at Per Se.

    I realize designer jeans cost as much as a mid-range suit, I own several pairs myself, but the point is class and respect. Not to sound like a jerk - but you're eating at the best restaurant in America, if not a matter of respect for you, perhaps some respect for the other diners and chef Keller and his team?

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    1. re: uhockey

      yup - you do

      Calm down Mr. Balckwell

      I have been to Per Se a couple of times and could not remember if I have seen anyone in blazer/jeans or not. I am dining with friends and wanted to give them correct info.

      1. re: Slumdog

        A blazer is fine. Just substitute a nice pair of slacks for the jeans. A suit? Sure, if you want to wear one but not necessary.

    2. Depends what you mean by "jeans". I always wear black jeans there (zegna, armani). Blue denim, that's tougher, though a denim "suit" would fly. I recommend it, now that I think of it.

      About respect, etc. well I respect other people, and I appreciate when people return the courtesy. I don't think per se is even the best restaurant in Columbus Circle, but I do respect them. I don't really respect what they wear, but I respect them.

      If you want to appear classy to people who actually come from class, I wouldn't recommend wearing business attire to dinner, but I'll respect you anyway, and I hope they do too.

      Oh, and it's fine to get a survey of dress code tempered by experience at, but I would not recommend getting fashion advice here. Lightning generally doesn't strike twice in the same place.