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May 24, 2009 12:30 PM

Top Pizza in Capital Region?

I have been eating my way through the Capital Region. Discovered Chinese and sushi and am now on a quest for good, chow-ish pizza. Greek food and bagels are not something I'd look for in the Capital Region. Pizza might be challenging too. Based on my preliminary research these are some of the pizza places I've identified (in no particular order):

*DeFazio's (Troy)
*Marisa's Place (Guilderland)
*I Love NY Pizza (various locations)
*? (Guilderland Avenue, Rotterdam)
*Highbridge Pizza (Rotterdam)
*Villa Valenti (Troy)
*Sovrano's (Albany)
*Marino's Pizza (Saratoga Springs)
*Smith's Tavern (Voorheesville)
*Fresco's (New Lebanon)
*Fireside (Schenectady)
*Homestyle Pizza (Schenectady)
*Capo De Pizza (Schenectady)
*Our Original Pizza (Schenectady)
*Pizza King (Schenectady)
*Marino's Flying Pizza (Schenectady?)
*Paesan's (?)

Please help me save time and money by selecting the top 3 to try. Let me know if I've missed any places. Thanks in advance. I'll report back on my experiences.

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  1. Pizza Works in Burn Hills or Balson Spa. Especially good is the triple bypass (not for the faint of heart).

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    1. re: skipjack01

      Tried some Pizza Works pies at a party. So different from a slice (thin and greasy) which I sometime grab when I'm over there. I tasted a roasted pepper and anchovy pie and tried their margherita (similar to Pasta Pane's margherita, Village Pizzeria's is the best margherita I've had). There was also a pie w/out sauce. Don't remember what was on it but I liked it.

    2. Depends what you are looking for. NY Style? Slices? Pies? Toppings? Will you be eating in or taking away?

      Regardless, I'd rule out Homestyle, Smith's, and Sovrano's off the bat.

      I would add Pasquale's on New Scotland Ave in Albany.
      If you are looking for a NY Style slice shop, I'd also consider the hole in the wall that is DC on Western Ave across from SUNY.
      The DeFazio's pies for eat-in are very good, if not in the NY stlye.

      Best of luck.

      1. Try Pizza King. They have wide variety of toppings and they warm it up right in the oven. Also if they have it, try the veggie pizza it is amazing a huge slice loaded with fresh vegetables.

        1. If you are around Saratoga I would recommend Harvest & Hearth The pizza is wood fired with top notch ingredients such as nitrate free sausage. I have eaten here 3 times and enjoyed it each time. ( I would go more often but it is expensive for pizza). The pizza is also good at the Village Pizzeria in East Galway, on Rte 29 west of Saratoga. Both places have web sites with menus. From your list I have had pizza from the Fireside in Schenectadty and Smith's Tavern in Voorheesville and would rate the places I mentioned above as definitely worthy of being included on your list.

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          1. re: yellowlablover

            DeFazio's are really excellent, in a wood-fired sort of way (also great fresh pasta and sauces in the family shop next door). Village Pizzeria in E. Galway is the best NY-style pizza anywhere.

            1. re: PSZaas

              Thanks, everyone. I'll report back on my experiences.

            2. re: yellowlablover

              Tried Harvest Hearth. Ironically it's easier to get to by boat from Saratoga Lake then driving. They only take reservations for parties of 6 or more. We were told it would be a 30 minute wait for a table. We opted for the bar where they told us it would be a 40 minute wait for our pizzas. We had a beer (the ? organic stout I had was very good), tried the corn chowder, enjoyed the lake view. Our server was very good. The servers seemed stretched, maybe someone was out. Now on to the food:

              *Olivia's organic with whole milk mozzarella and asiago cheeses, fresh organic herbs, garlic EVOO, added tomato sauce - individual brick oven/thin crust pizza. Very good. My favorite Capital Region pizza so far (many more to try). Marisa's Place crust was excellent but lacked the quality of toppings at Harvest and Hearth.

              *SO had "your creation." their pizza base/toppings. Added goat cheese, carmelized onions and ? Very good.

              Not a good place if you're in a hurry. After all it's artisanal pizza, crafted and made to order. Looking forward to when they are open for lunch.

              I'm thinking I'll try DeFazio's (Troy), Village Pizzeria (East Galway) or Pope's (Saratoga Springs) next. . .

              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                I tried Pope's today. Posted my report on the Saratoga Springs pizza thread EllieLA started in late 2007.

                1. re: financialdistrictresident

                  Went back to Harvest & Hearth again. Really good individual pizzas. Got there right before it got crazy busy. Can't beat the view of Saratoga Lake.

                  Also tried Pizza Works. Decent. Frsh mushrooms a big plus. Nice guy behind the counter.

                  1. re: financialdistrictresident

                    Just returned to Harvest & Hearth. Crowded now that the weather is nice. Started with some tomato soup. Had individual pizzas. I had the mushroom. Forgot what SO had but I think it had pesto and ? Reasonable wine prices. Still delicious and one of my favorite thin crust, brick oven pizzas.