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May 24, 2009 12:01 PM

uncle darrow's?

Anyone been and able to recommend stuff? Any word on the quality of their oysters? Canned or fresh?

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  1. I enjoy their oyster po'boy (nice cornmeal crust and usually plump and juicy) and was told when I first went there that they use fresh Gulf oysters. I have no reason to believe that has changed. The gumbo and jambalaya aren't bad but suffer from the absence of real andouille sausage and tasso ham--no pork products are served at Uncle Darrow's.

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      I haven't been in a while but I agree on the oyster po' boy - it's a good sandwich. Some guys I used to work with who are from Louisiana told me that the food their is serviceable. I wouldn't know either way having never been to Louisiana, but it's tasty enough to me.

    2. The Shrimp and Catfish Po Boy is good as is the Oyster, but the gumbo and jambalaya is a bit lacking . . .

      1. If by fresh, you mean that someone is shucking them in the back, I seriously doubt it. Also keep in mind that they only serve oysters on the weekends.

        1. Haven't been in a while, and don't recall what we ordered, it was pretty unremarkable. I go by it every few weeks or so and don't really have an urge to go back. The only serious New Orleans / creole / cajun restaurant I can recommend is the Gumbo Pot in the original Farmer's market off of third & Fairfax.

          1. Been 3 times so far in the past month, all great.

            First I had the file gumbo. Big whomping 1/3 of a crab sticking out, quite tasty.

            Second was the chicken wings. Deep fried served with red beans and rice, again tasty as hell.

            Last time (saturday) was a shrimp and oyster po boy and some more chicken wings. I loved it, especially the oysters. They didn't taste canned, creamy and err.. Oystery without any of the weirdness I would associate with frozen or canned oysters..

            My wife and I ate outside while a blues trio (3 really old dudes sitting outside, guitar, bass and a trumpet guy) played..

            For me, it was a beautiful example of why I go to local restaurants.

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              Any word when the blues trio is there?

              I went and my only problem was their "french bread" on their po boy. It is a problem. Way too bun-like, soft, no crunch or character.