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May 24, 2009 11:58 AM

Chocolates in southern Maine

I'm going to Portland in a couple of weeks for vacation and I want to bring home some chocolates as gifts.

The Boston Globe had an article last year about the chocolate delights along the Maine coast. I'm wondering if anyone has tried some of these places and could recommend one of them. I'll probably pick them up on my way back to Boston so anything located between the two cities would be perfect.

Some of the chocolate shops listed in the article:

Cacao Chocolates in Kittery

Divine Chocolates in Cape Neddick

Harbor Candy Shop in Ogunquit (Have already tried these, looking for something new)

Dean's Sweets in Portland

Len Libby in Scarborough

Here's the article for anyone who wants to read it:

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  1. I'll add Haven's to Len Libby's in Scarboro. Both excellent. I don't think you can beat Harbor, though.

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      My family stops in Ogunquit every year and they bring me back chocolates from Harbor Candy so I wanted to bring them back something different this time.

    2. Dean's Sweets makes incredible truffles in amazing flavors. Try the cayenne! Also, it's almost across the street from Duck Fat.
      Simply Divine Brownies in Freeport shares a space with Wilbur's Chocolates.

      1. From that list, the two most exclusive--as in high-end, adullt-flavored truffles--are Cacao and Dean's. Cacao doesn't have a web site, and is bit wilder/more creative with flavors' Dean's has a web site, only uses dark chocolate, nut-free facility, and is a bit less creative, but no less quality (the stout is really good). You won't go wrong with either.

        As for Haven's, it's not an artisan shop, it makes in commercial quantities and is available widely in Maine (very good chocolate, no argument there). Wilbur's is more novelty oriented. Simply Divine Brownies are awesome, but they're brownies, not chocolates.

        1. Cacao, by far, stands out from the rest on your list. It's like Tiger Woods up against some real amateurs.

          Check out this list:

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            Thanks, that's a cool link with chocolate reviews! And thanks everyone, I may have stop at more than one of these places!

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              I like Len Libby's because they make ice cream there and it's good. Also, they have a lot of samples out to try! Stay away from their "Caramel Hot Fudge" however.

          2. Just reporting back on my Maine trip. I did stop at Len Libby and bought a few gifts for friends who would appreciate this kind of chocolate. I tasted a couple of pieces and thought the quality was good, my friends will appreciate it.

            Also stopped at Divine Chocolates. It's a pretty small selection in a store that also sells signs or something. I tried a cashew turtle which was tasty, about the same quality as Len Libby.

            There was a parking space in front of Harbor so I had to stop. Got a couple of small boxes, prepackaged, and a chocolate caramel bar. Tasty treats.

            Hit Cacao Chocolates on the way home. They are opened limited hours and limited days. I believe they are closing July & August this year. Anyway, the selections were out there, but I like strange. I tasted a few and the quality was very good although so far I've found the flavors to be quite subtle, they have not been overpowering at all. The chevre and cognac was nice, I could taste the chevre but not the cognac. Also tried the pistachio which I liked.

            Other flavors, that I haven't tried yet, lime habenero, cherry chipotle, lime sherbet, sea salt caramel and a strawberry/balsamic vinegar. Looking forward to that one!

            Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.