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Best mushroom dish in the city?

What's the best mushroom dish you've had out recently? Craving mushrooms and trying to brainstorm a spot for date night tonight...

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  1. The Porcini Mushroom Souffle at Il Cappricio in Waltham. It's a dish I hate to share but always do. Rich rich flavor of mushroom.

    1. Hamersley's has a mushroom garlic sandwich app that's fantastic. Pretty sure it's been on their menu since they opened.

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      1. The mushroom risotto at Marco is very nice, one of the better risotti in the North End.


        1. sportello has a mushroom, english pea gnocci dish on its menu that rotates in seasonal mushrooms. When chanterelles are in season, it is tough to beat this dish. Still pretty good now, even though they are serving pedestrian shitakes. (Wow, that's sounded mighty snobby). By the way, i found the recipe for this dish in a Saveur Magazine a few months back.

          1. Not living there I cannot say but what's the deal with some of those Russian places out Brookline way? I never saw a roosky place without mushrooms....

            1. the mushroom sashimi dish at O Ya, I dream about it sometimes, lol. Really fantastic, and worth a stop just for that one dish. One caveat though, last time I was there and had it as part of an omakase, it was about half the size it had been previously. I did not speak with them about it and not sure if that was intentional because of the number of dishes we had or not...

              1. gnocchi with mushrooms at grotto

                1. I will second two of my faves already on here (the mushroom sandwich at Hamersley's and the O Ya mushrooms). I have to get those dishes every time I am at one of those places.

                  I will also throw in the porcini risotto at Trattoria Toscana.

                  1. It may not be in Boston, but my wife just had fantastic wild mushroom gnocchi at Ten Center Street in Newburyport (of course I tried it). It came in a quasi mushroom cream sauce with wild mushrooms and broccoli rabbi. The broccoli rabbi was done to perfection... cooked but crisp... not mush.