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May 24, 2009 11:24 AM

Fieramosca Trattoria - Prince Arthur Ave

Saturday morning...I'm walking from Bedford Rd to Yorkville along Prince Arthur...haven't been along that steet in ages...I notice a restaurant on the north side in a house...Fieramosca...

I've looked it up on the the menu etc.

Anyone have any experience eating here? Pretty setting and I think (?) they have a patio of some kind either on the roof at the back or in the backyard...


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  1. The setting is wonderful. The food, however, has gone waaaay downhill. I've given it a few tries since I noticed the slide hoping they'd change back. No dice. The foods gets worse and worse, the wines even more so with shorter pours I might add, and the once efficient service is gone. Since they now seem only to serve bargain LCBO listings, I wouldn't even bother going just for wine on the patio. I wish I had kinder words as I have many fond memories.

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      Thanks for the assessment Googs...I was just taken with the setting I think...too bad about the food/service...guess I won't be giving it a try any time soon...

      1. re: tochowchick

        I agree with Googs. The service has attitude problem, and besides there are many others to choose from.