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May 24, 2009 11:21 AM

Brunch recommendation needed near Grand Central

I am looking for a bunch place in walking distance to Grand Central Station. Any thoughts?

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  1. Midtown/Murry Hill area is NOT one of my favorite areas for Brunch - you could do Artisanal - not a great place, but serviceable for that area. A short cab ride would open things up a little as far as options.

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    1. re: Slumdog

      And a 10-minute ride on the 6 train gets you to Astor Place. That's my suggestion. Go downtown.

    2. Cibo, on the corner of 2nd Av. & 41st St., serves brunch. We haven't eaten there in a very long time, but the meals we've had there, including brunch, have been very good Posts by Hounds who have been there more recently indicate that the quality of the food has not diminished.

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      1. re: RGR

        I had a horrible meal at Cibo. I would recommend you stay away from there. Artisanal's brunch is pretty decent, would have recommended that as well.

      2. We live in the area, and I have to admit, brunch is not a strong point by restaurants here. We take the time to schlep downtown for some really good ones.