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Tasty Breakfasts in the FQ & Marigny

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Not a breakfast person here, but I have some first-time visitors coming to town who are. I will recommend Petunia's, I suppose, and maybe Stanley... but what are some other faves? Thanks all!

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    1. EAT, 900 Dumaine @ Dauphine.

      1. EAT, Elizabeth's and Petunia's

        1. Other recs are good...I personally don't care for Petunia's. Cake Cafe in the Marigny is my favorite!

          If you just want delicious pastries and coffee- try Croissant D'or

          Cake Cafe & Bakery
          2440 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA

          Croissant D'Or Patisserie
          617 Ursulines Ave, New Orleans, LA

          1. EAT

            I usually really enjoy Petunia's...but the last time I went it just wasn't that good and it's sooo expensive.

            1. I think the Marigny Brasserie does a good brunch:


              If you can get past the touristy aspect of it, Palace Cafe also does a good one.

              1. EAT, for sure. They only do their brunch on Sat and Sunday. Shrimp and Grits FTW!

                Stanley's was also very enjoyable and we really had good service.

                We ended up not eating at Petunia's cause they wanted $20 for a crepe! And they were going to charge us an extra $3 to share a $20 crepe. Thank you, NO.

                Next trip we'll plan better and make it to Elizabeth's for sure!