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May 24, 2009 06:56 AM

looking for the best coney/chili dog in kc

my husband is from houston and misses his treasured james coney island chili dogs. is there anything in kc that can compare? looking for a good chili dog - coney style, thin hot dog - not big 1/4 lb dogs.


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  1. not sure about coney style but the star has covered all the hot dog spots around in the past 2-3 weeks in their weekender section.

    1. You can't beat James Coney Island!! We lived in Houston for a decade and have been here 20 years. Just LOVED JCI....but I will suggest Werner's in Mission for their homemade sausages. If you go there on a Sat around noon, you can try all the different kinds, as someone is grilling them outdoors. We love the smoked polish and Italian sausage. It's not expensive and you can bring them home to do on your own grill for only about $1.00 apiece.

      1. Thge Coney's at the Pizza Man do not have thin dogs, but the best I have had in KC. The Chicago style dogs are also the best in town.

        1. Try Riverdogs. It's hard to find, but really good.