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May 24, 2009 05:35 AM

Bridge House Milford, CT

We finally made it to Bridge House on route 1 in Milford, CT last night. We got there around 8:15. We both started out with the Louis Martini Cabernet that was excellent. For an app. we both shared the truffled french fries with the garlic aioli. I'm not big on truffles, usually too strong for me, but these fries were lightly scented and were excellent. Actually the best textured fries that I have ever had! I had the meatloaf made with veal,pork, and beef and it was probably the best meatloaf that I have out in a restaurant. The only thing I didn't care for was the melted fontina cheese on top of it but it wasn't that big a deal. It was served on a bed of mashed potatoes and broccoli on the side. My partner had the diver sea scallops on a bed of saffron risotto with a tomato seafood broth. The scallops were cooked perfect and the risotto was nice but he thought the tomato overpowered the dish. I spotted the owner of a very good Milford bistro seated in one of the booths last night and mentioned it to the wait person taking care of us and they said he comes at times. Overall we had a good experience and will probably go back for another visit.

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  1. I drive past Bridge House all the time. It looks like a nice place and I've heard some good things about it. The only thing that makes me wonder is that it doesn't look real busy....but then they probably aren't open for lunch and often times it's mid-day when I drive past. Would you say that Bridge House is sort of a romantic restaurant?

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      I've been to the Bridge House twice. Both times I had a good experience. The food was interesting and well prepared. The service was accommodating and efficient.

      They bill themselves as a "gastropub". Although the place is nicely designed and comfortable I would not call it romantic. Check out the website for a better look.

      1. re: Jimmy Cantiello

        I, too, have been there a couple of times and have enjoyed the food and service. Frankly, the quality of the food is considerably higher than I would have expected! My only "complaint" is that for what is unquestionably an informal restaurant, the prices are definitely on the high side....