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May 24, 2009 05:04 AM

Brauhauss Schmitz: Philly

New German resto on South Street (?) Any update on when it's opening. I really miss Ludwig's.

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  1. According to JoeSixPack in the May 15 Philadelphia Daily News " Brauhaus Schmitz (718 South St.), the highly anticipated German beer hall, is expected to raise its first liter by June 15" Only other options in the area are Austrian Kitchen in Rockledge and Otto's in Horsham. Both are adequate at best from a food standpoint.

    1. Just in case any Philly-area beer lovers have not yet been to Brauhaus Schmitz, you should go there immediately. They just tapped a keg of Brooklyner-Schneider Hopfenweisse, a collaboration between Brooklyn Brewery and Schneider-Weisse (brewers of Aventinus). It's one of the best beers I've ever had, incredibly complex. Every time I put the glass down I wanted to pick it right back up again just to taste everything that was going on in that glass.

      the draft beer list is here:

      Also, the food is great. The house-made bratwurst and the bavarian pretzel stand out, but everything I tasted was very good. Quite a surprise to me, as my only previous experience with this kind of food was at Ludwig's, which I didn't like at all.

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        That's great news! We've been waiting for a viable replacement since Ludwig's Garten went belly up last year.
        ...and yes, that Hopfenweisse is a good one. Check out my review:

        A- / 4.2
        look: 4.5 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | drink: 4
        rDev: +3.6%

        Appears a densely cloudy dark golden bronze with a 3 finger head of off-white fluff that slowly fades away. Streams of CO2 quickly rise to the top upon first pouring this nectar before being phased out by the heavy amount of yeast that soon follows. Rich, spotty lacing is left all around the weizen glass. A real beauty to look at IMO…if you can appreciate Bavarian wheats.
        Smell is truly original in this one. Bananas, vanilla wafers, and clove greet you as always but wait…it’s followed up with BIG, bold, ballsy amounts of citrus(lemon, grapefruit, orange), pineapple, and herbs. If anyone has wondered what a tour-de-force of estery yeast and juicy hops would turn out like…look no further. It’s here.
        Taste is of the mentioned aromas with an ultra high amount of zesty, herbal hops unlocking the door to the palate’s sensory threshold.
        Mouthfeel is smooth and velvety up front with a touch of sugary grapefruit easing down the back of the tongue for a nice, enjoyable, relaxing finish.
        Ask yourself three vital questions before indulging in this beer. Are you a fan of Schneider Weisse beers? Are you a fan of hops being profiled in any beer style? Have you enjoyed any of the other Garrett Oliver projects, such as Blast? If so, this will be a pleasant surprise on all levels. If not, it will be an adventure for your taste buds that they most likely haven’t been through before. Personally, pour me another!

        1. re: Buckethead

          I had that beer last night and it was really nice.

          I live close and I have to say that overall this place is great. It is basically Ludwig's but much better.
          I love the potato pancakes, pickled herring, and goulash. I think they now use a similar recipe for the goulash to the one at Ludwig's which was the best thing there.

          My only compliant is that the place has basically been jammed since it opened. It can be hard to get a seat at the bar at times. Who knew people in Philly liked German beer so much?
          Also, they put the TV's way too high, so if you watch the Phillie's at the bar you feel like you are watching a movie from the front row.

          1. re: robot

            I kind of like the TVs way up there like that, that way they're not in your field of vision unless you want them to be. They don't interfere with the atmosphere of the place too much, but they're still available if you really want to watch the game.

        2. Husband and I went there on Sat. I really wanted to like the place but found it fell short. However the beer list was very good. I had the schweinhaxe and husband had the schnitzel. Schweinhaxe was just ok-skin not crispy enough and just not as tasty as Ludwig's. Definitely could use being doused in Ansbach and set aflame. The accompanying potato dumpling was also undercooked but the sauerkraut was great. Husband said the schnitzel was pretty tastless. However, the big disappointment was the noise level and the crowd. We had to shout to talk to each other. Way too much of a south street atmosphere and the bar is much too small. Maybe I set my expectations to high!!

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            Yes it is very loud in there. I thought the crowd was fine when I have been there. I think the noise is mostly due to the acoustics of the place (too many hard reflective surfaces). I think some of those fabric panels some places have would really help.

          2. Any one had either of the Spaetzle entrees here? I was a vegetarian when I visited Germany and expected to have nothing to eat - but instead found plenty of choices and I LOVED all of them. Spaetzle was by far my favorite, and I was very sad to see Ludwigs go, as it was the only place in Philly that served it. I'm hoping Brauhauss Schmitz will fill that void....

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            1. re: PhillyA

              i had the spaetzle side and it was good. not the best i've ever had, but certainly authentic and yummy. i reaaaaally want to try the goulash with spaetzle meal though, that i think would be stellar.

              the chef at little fish occassionally makes a mustard spaetzle to accompany some of the fillet fish. SO GOOD!

              1. re: PhillyA

                I had the Käsespätzle and thought it was pretty good, albeit a little overpriced at $15. The portion seemed similar to what I'd get for $11 at Ludwig's.

              2. I'm giving another shout out for Brauhaus husband and I were there last night and both food and beer were excellent!

                I had the housemade bratwurst platter, the bratwurst is really tasty and nothing at all like the supermarket kind! You must try! The platter comes with choice of two sides, and I had the red cabbage which was yummy with a sweet/sour taste and the asparagus which were cooked just crisp tender. The entree comes with a plate of bread which was amazing with the herbed butter.

                My husband ordered the smoked fish platter which had the best smoked whitefish EVER, it also came with smoked trout and smoked salmon, and rye bread. By the way, both platters were served on a large wooden board...I thought that was a nice touch.

                For beer we had the Jever (Yay-vur) which was a great pilsner, described on the menu as follows:

                Jever Pilsner ABV: 4.9% $5.00 / 0.4LBrewed in the small farm town of Jever near the Dutch border, Jever defines the classic German Friesland pilsner. Jever has a soft yeasty palate, is clean, crisp, and refreshing, and has an assertive hop finish. Jever has a clean and refreshing taste that compliments almost any food and it is also outstanding as an aperitif.

                I thought the beer was great and they took the pains to serve the pilsner in a pilsner glass as they would do if you are in Germany.

                Atmosphere is very noisy, there is German beer hall music playing but you can hardly hear it for the noise of the people. We sat upstairs which I hoped would be less noisy but it was not. Waitresses wear dirndils though I was disappointed no lederhosen on the men!

                I highly recommend this place for beer, food, and moderate prices!