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Deep fried rice balls?

Speaking so much about the triple D reminded me of an episode where Guy featured some italian joint that made these special deep fried rice balls with lost over risotto I think. They took the rice and put ground meat and cheese inside, rolled the rice around the filling, rolled it it breadcrumbs and then deep fried them. Any idea where I might be able to get something like this in TO? It looked incredible!

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  1. If I recall correctly, Centro di Formaggio on the north side of College between Clinton and Grace should have them.

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      Is this an eat-in restaurant? I guess I was thinking more of a restaurant... though if I cant manage to find them in a sit-in spot, then I will try for take out as well.

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        It's a deli with a hot table at the back, and several tables where you can sit and eat your meal. It's cafeteria style- no table service.

    2. Black Skirt (used to be Wish) has them...Arancini...not cheap, but oh so good...Marimba!

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        Tre Mari on St. Clair W. used to have them. Also, if a roadtrip to Woodbridge is in order, try Grace Cheese - there's a location near Yorkdale as well but I have never been. to that one.

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          In Woodbridge, Paninni at Weston&Hwy 7 has them.

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          I had it at Black Skirt a couple weeks back and they were excellent, as was the rest of the meal.

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            what are the portions like at black skirt? is this the kind of place where you'll get a great big bowl of pasta so you wont need to order a salad, primi and secondi, or are these pretty small portions?

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                They're smaller than what you're used to getting for pasta orders. I'm a big eater, had a three course meal and was comfortably full after dessert. The pasta della nona dish I had was priced around $13 and was fresh and well worth it.

          2. As Marimba said, theyre called Arancini and are pretty common in Toronto. I've seen them at a variety of take-out places (everywhere from Highland Farms to Meat on the Beach).
            Check this thread out for ideas:

            1. I also saw them on the menu at barchef, and was intrigued, but didn't try them yet.

              1. Thats great everyone, thanks so much!

                1. Table 17 does Hot Balls (lol at the name), three balls as an appetizer for $6. Arancino - oyster mushroom & Fontina stuffed risotto ball with tomato sauce, Goat Cheese - with Ontario wildflower honey and Crab Croquette - served with Old Bay mayo. I liked them.

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                    wow those sound amazing. Thanks, thats pretty close to me.

                  2. Hi hungryabbey -- they also sell a form of arancini at Osteria, the new Terroni-owned joint at Victoria south of Queen. I really enjoyed them there!

                    1. I had good Arancini at L'Unita, though I think it might have been a daily special and not on the regular menu (they were veggie though - no meat).

                      1. You can find these at quite a few Italian bakeries with hot tables.
                        La Rose Bakery in Etobicoke, or Comisso Brothers comes to mind.

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                          They have them at North Pole Bakery, which is at Greenwood and Danforth so might work for hungryabbey as a downmarket option (vs the Table 17 ones, which sound fabulous). These ones did get a ho-hum CH review lately.

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                            hungryabbey, if you are in the neighborhood, you could also try the riceball at Columbo just east of Coxwell.

                        2. Tony & Jim's in Brampton does rice balls, they are very popular there. So does Ricci's in Woodbridge, and lots of other places in Woodbridge

                          1. I've had these at Bar Volo a few times as an appetizer. They're really good there, but then again I just really like Volo!

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                              great! I have been meaning to try this place.

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                                I've had them at Commisso Bros Bakery and also D'Aversa Bakery (several locations).