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May 24, 2009 04:09 AM

What are the Best Steakhouses?

I'm looking for the best steakhouses in the GTA. I've already been to the run of the mill places like the Keg, Baton Rouge and Le Biftheque.

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  1. Jacobs & Co., Harbour 60, Barberian's, etc. A lot of high end restaurants also serve really good steaks, like Bymark and Splendido. I think there's a bunch of other threads on this, if you use the search box. Keep in mind that these places are much more expensive than The Keg, Baton Rouge, etc.

    1. Many people become very excited at any mention of the House of Chan on Eglinton. I haven't been there in ages, so don't know whether anything has changed. We are talking aged USDA Prime steak here - NOT the "Jewish Chinese" food.

      Since learning how to choose and age meat, and getting an infrared grill, I order expensive restaurant steaks only when compelled to by a group decision or when nothing on a menu tempts.

      1. Try Jacob & Co. Very unique and the best steaks I have ever had...but get somebody else to pay!

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          Third Jacob, Love it! Compared to your run of the mill places its expensive, but the food at Jacobs is leaps and bounds above the Keg.
          I also enjoy Barberian's which is reliable.

        2. Please don't take this as condescending as I mean nothing of the sort. However, in your shoes if I were making the transition from The Keg (which is a fine place) to an upscale steakhouse, I'd probably bridge that gap with Barberians.

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          1. re: Googs

            Why? What happens to you if you make too large a leap in steak quality?

            1. re: Crispy skin

              Since steaks at The Keg are pretty much inedible, I think it might be a bit of a surprise.

              1. re: tjr

                Not to mention sticker shock.

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              We made reservations for this Saturday at Barberians. It has been many years since we were there. I got this craving for Chateaubriand (yes, it is so 70's and 80's) and the Mrs. and I wanted to do this for our Anniv.

            3. Hey B_y J___gay! Hah!

              tjr covered it. You're looking at places that can get prime and above beef that is dry aged. Besides all the famous steak houses (the ones mentioned + Carmen's (garlic!), Hy's, Tom Jones, etc....), you're looking at fine dining restaurants offering dry aged. Splendido and Nota Bene both offer 60 day dry aged from Cumbrae's, McEwan's restaurants offer 52 day dry aged USDA prime.

              Barberian's has the best wine list of all the steakhouses, ballersville though my friend.

              If you're up for it I suggest you just get some Cumbrae's 60 day dry age, sear it on a cast iron pan and throw it in the oven until rare/med rare. Rest, slice, finish it w/ some maldon salt and it's as good as what you can get at these restaurants, minus the service.

              Can I come over?

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              1. re: aser

                I appreciate all the recs and I will have a tough choice narrowing it down to one.

                Aser-You know I rather get a good piece of meat and cook it at home. If you're buying the steaks at Cumbrae's, you are more than welcome to come over.

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                  I prefer to cook it myself, but sometimes going out is nice. Does anyone have an opinion about Octogon on Yonge north of Steele's? Many years ago some people told me it was good. A couple of friends live close to it and we are thinking about going there. Thanks in advance