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May 24, 2009 02:52 AM

Columbia, SC: Restaurants serving duck, and misc.

I'm looking for a Columbia restaurant where I can get some really delicious duck. I especially like Thai dishes with duck, but I'm open to trying a variety of preparations. I'm craving the duck!

Also, if I wanted to try cooking duck myself, where's a good place to buy it raw?

There are also a few other things I'm not sure where to buy.

-Worthington canned vegemeat, like FriChik ( ).

-Seitan/gluten. I have gluten flour but don't always want to make it from scratch.

-Soy lecithin, for baking. I haven't found this at any of the grocery chains I go to.

-Galangal, thai basil.

I like "cooking experiments" and trying new things, so I'm really open to recommendations of any specialty groceries or shops that you think are great; favorite butchers, etc.

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  1. You can get seitan at Earthfare, and I think Rosewood Market also stocks it. Fresh Market and Earthfare have had duck before, but I'm not sure if they always carry it.

    1. I was at Antai recently and tasted an excellent duck dish they serve. (Antai at McCauley Square. 5084-C Sunset Boulevard. Lexington, SC 29072, phone 356.0062)

      Mai Thai has a couple of good duck dishes too. ( The duck offerings are listed under Specialities at the end of the (online) menu.

      1. Thanks deibu and Cpt Wafer.

        I went to Mai Thai last night and had the Mai Thai Duck. It was very yummy!

        1. Ped Ka Prow is a favorite Thai duck dish of mine. I have had it at Thai Lotus and their version is alright. I believe they serve it by a different name but it is the same thing. (Note that that was a while ago and there was a recent downhill report on Thai Lotus. I haven't been since then -- any updates anyone?). I have not had the "Mai Thai Duck" at Mai Thai but it sounds similar. Crispy fried basil leaves are a really important part of this dish and not every place adds them.

          One of my favorite local duck dishes is an appetizer at Terra called "Quack Madame." It is duck confit, carmelized onions, quail egg, and arugula on toast. Super yum.

          1. Last week Earthfare had 1 whole duck along with a few pieces of duck breasts and legs in their freezer section. Though sometimes when it's sold it may take them a while to restock.

            If you're looking for duck breasts The Fresh Market is the way to go since they usually have fresh pieces on hand.