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May 23, 2009 09:58 PM

MangoBerry (Fro Yo) in Catonsville

A new frozen yogurt place just opened in Catonsville inside the Hanoori (formerly Beseto) shopping plaza in the same shopping center as H Mart. The place is called MangoBerry and is primarily a PinkBerry clone. And yes, they do have mochi topping. Sadly, the name is misleading as they don't have a mango flavored frozen yogurt. They do have a (straw)Berry flavored one. Consistency and taste is different from Mr. Yogato in Fells Point, so you may like this one even if you don't like Mr. Yogato. (And vice-versa.)

There also offer some other interesting items. They have green tea and coffee drinks (served with ice) which we didn't particularly care for. But you can sample the yogurt and drinks. They are particularly nice about samples. Oddly, they also offer "fresh and hot home-made waffles". Most interesting, however, are the shaved ice offerings. This is basically shaved ice, topped with frozen yogurt, mochi, and some toppings. The also have some "specialty" shaved ice offerings like Green Tea and Red-Bean that looked like they may be topped with ice cream. A couple groups who came after us ordered the shaved ice items and we were looking on with curious envy. Like most of these sort of places, prices are a little on the expensive side.

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  1. bing su!! it's a korean favorite, if what you're descibing is what i think it is. thanks so much for the post!

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    1. re: LuLuBlaubugunder

      We've tried two patbingsues so far and love them! It seems randomly thrown together but, especially when it's hot outside, it just works very well. You need two or three people who are comfortable sharing one bowl because the things are huge and everything is packed on so it's impossible to portion into separate bowls. Here is a brief description on Wikipedia:

      We've had from Mangoberry their Red Bean and Green Tea versions. For the Green Tea patbingsu, you really have to be a green tea lover because not only is it topped with green tea ice cream, but even the shaved ice is made from frozen green tea. Also, the toppings for it are nut-based instead of fruit-based. The Red Bean version comes with vanilla ice cream and unflavored shaved ice and the toppings are more toward the fruit end of the spectrum. Red bean filling is usually far too heavy for me in Korean desserts, but I love the lightness of the shaved ice against the red bean paste. And if you walk in like you mean business and order, e.g., "one red bean pa bing su, please", they are very impressed!

      Even though I buy it all the time, I'll readily admit that pretty much all frozen yogurt places are rip-offs. However, MangoBerry currently has a special for $1 small frozen yogurt Mon-Fri (regular price is $2.60). Toppings are still expensive ($1/each) and the other sizes are regular price. If you are like us and mochi is your favorite topping, get a 300g bag of mochi for $3 from H Mart next door (when you walk in , all the way on the left side of the store, in the corner of the refrigerated section right next to the video rental counter, top shelf). Then walk over and (keeping the mochi hidden, hehe) everyone buy their $1 yogurt. Walk out to the parking lot and enjoy with all the mochi topping you could want. This way you don't have to take out a second mortgage to support your yogurt habbit and no more fights over who ate all the mochi. I've even heard of people bringing chopped up mangos and strawberries from home, but I'm not sure I believe that. ;)

      1. re: bmorecupcake

        Thanks for this post. I have a thing for shaved ice desserts, from our snowballs to the international variety, and though I've had many from Asia so far, I haven't had the Korean version. The weather is just perfect to try a pa bing su! Can't wait!

        1. re: bmorecupcake

          I had my first taste of Mangoberry today and really liked it. I sampled both the original and the mangoberry flavor, and ordered the mangoberry flavor with mochis. Very tasty. Loved the mochi on top so much -- they really don't offer a lot for that $1 of topping. I probably only had about 10 or 15 mochis on top of my yogurt -- only enough to cover one side of it!

          I took bmorecupcake's suggestion (thanks!) and promptly went next door to H Mart to purchase my own bag of mochi. However, I couldn't remember the details of the location that you shared, so I walked up and down every aisle... almost gave up when I finally found it in the refrigerator section exactly as you described. I will enjoy mochi on my ice cream at home now!

          I still haven't tried Mr Yogato so look forward to doing so to compare vs Mangoberry.

          1. re: bluepig1

            What is mochi like in this application? Is it like little gummy pellets? Or hard pieces? It seems to be popular around here (Chowhounds) but I've never been curious enough to try it so I can't quite envision it.

            1. re: MikeR

              In this application, they are like little gummy pellets, the size of small gumdrops or half a gummy bear. They're soft in texture -- not hard when you bite into them (basically the texture of gummy bears?). They don't have much flavor themselves, but bring sweetness and texture to the party.

              The other applications of mochi I'm familiar with is rolled out very thin, as a wrapper for a ball of ice cream (the kind served at Japanese/sushi restaurants). Dim sum enthusiasts will also recognize it as fairly ubiquitous in various dumplings with sweet exteriors (fried and steamed).

          2. re: bmorecupcake

            Buying the mochi at H Mart was a spectacular tip. Thanks!

        2. There is now officially a mangoberry flavor!!! It's a mango and berry mix! It's yummy, but my favorite is still the original, then berry, then mangoberry.

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            1. re: lrebetsky0423

              No, they don't carry anything sugar free. I thought I saw sugar free cake slices (they source from a Korean bakery in Germantown), but I just called them right now (410-744-7089) and they said they don't carry any sugar free items.

              1. re: bmorecupcake

                Bummer! Thanks for the info and for calling bmorecupcake!

              2. re: lrebetsky0423

                Some tart fro-yo places offer an original/plain flavor that is unsweetened and has no added sugar, but the natural milk sugars are still present. I know this is the case with Yo Fiore in Annapolis.

                I am still searching for a place that will match the taste/quality/value of the yogurt @ 40 Carrots inside Bloomingdale's in NYC. They have had the plain/tart yogurt on their menu for years, before the whole Pinkberry craze and it was ideal. Generous portions, real bowls, I miss it. Tart, but not icy.
                As a former TCBY employee, too much iciness is due to the machines/mix. Like with ice cream the machines can be set to have more or less air in the mix, etc.

                1. re: daisyterp

                  Oh, wow! Frozen yogurt at Bloomingdales 40 Carrots. There used to be one at Tyson's Corner and I'm pretty sure that was the first time I had frozen yogurt. It was one of the few places where you could get it around here at the time. I really liked it, but like most places that server FroYo, I wished for a smaller portion. It was a big sundae glass full.

                  TCBYs moved in a short time later, and they had a reasonable "small" but it wasn't nearly as good as Bloomie's.

            2. Just wanted to add some info - Mangoberry is open from 10a-10p, 7 days a week. We are on our way there on a Sunday and called them to check their hours.

              1. Update: $1 small yogurt special on weekdays deal is over.

                1. I know this is years later but, just in case anyone is still reading this, I think their hours aren't always so late anymore. I dropped by last night around 9 pm, and they were already barred up and closed.

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                  1. re: mangodaiquiri

                    They have different owners now and have transformed to a "tea house". I don't know if this is the trend in Korea, or just something they made up. The frozen yogurt is just one fourth of what they do, and frankly I don't even purchase frozen yogurt there any more. They sell boong-uh-bbang (red bean filled pancakes made in a fish mold), another globe-shaped pancake with red bean and walnut inside (this is a different batter than the boong-uh-bbang), a fried donut filled with red bean (like a smaller version of a thai/vietnamese sesame ball, without the sesame), and another fried, nut-filled, flat donut type thing. Usually they'll be cooling down something freshly made -- so it hasn't been wrapped in plastic yet -- and I just get that. (Otherwise, the donuts and pancakes lose their crispness.) You can always request fresh boong-uh-bbang. They have good attention to detail; e.g., the boong-uh-bbang red bean filling is different from the donut red bean filling.

                    There's also various teas, some items listed only in Korean, and I think the menu even lists other "modern" boong-uh-bbang fillings kids in Korea go for these days. One of these days I'll start exploring the rest of the menu.