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May 23, 2009 09:36 PM

Cheap to moderate West Village lunching (and dinnering)

I recently moved to NYC, something I'm extraordinarily excited about; to a huge degree, this is because of food. Although it's been over a decade since I spent most of my year in NY (because of schooling), my family has always lived in the metropolitan area, and I am thus quite well-versed in the food scene. This is due in no small part to Chowhound -- I have you all to thank for turning me onto such varied hits as Soto, Apizz, and the Golden Shopping Mall in Flushing.

Anyway, I'll be starting work soon in the West Village (specifically St. Vincent's at 7th Ave and 12th St), and I was wondering what CHers had to say about the neighborhood. I have a generally good sense of destination restaurants, but I'm more interested in the neighborhood haunts and personal faves people might have. As the list of CH-endorsed eateries above hopefully shows, I'm up for anything food-wise. I just want it to be pretty good, heh.

I had a seriously great lunch at dell'anima the other day, and that place strikes me as the upper end of the price point I'm interesting in getting all y'all's opinion about. Any other good lunch options in the area? Casual dinner recs appreciated too. Thanks!

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  1. Instead of answering - since I'm no expert on the West Village - I'm going to ask a related question:

    I'm looking for a restaurant for lunch on Friday, in or near the Village (I'm in the East Village and familiar with restaurants in my area but not nearly as familiar with West Village eateries) that isn't too carb-heavy (my first suggestion was dim sum in Chinatown, and my friend demurred on that basis) and is seriously delicious but in the $20-30/person range, inclusive of tax and tip. I'm flexible in terms of cuisine, and I believe that she is, too. She lives near Sheridan Square, but both of us like to walk, so that's just a general guideline.

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      Pan: I've had some very good meals at Snack Taverna, on Bedford Street. Greek tends to be good for carb-phobes (if one can avoid that tasty, tasty pita) and Snack Taverna has several "meal salads" as well. Sandwiches and main plates run 9-12 dollars so you should be able to stay within your range.

      Sappidus: if you are doing delivery I can recommend Tebaya, a tiny place with Japanese fried wings and meals over rice - I am sure they will deliver 7 blocks south as they are on 19th and 7th. It is too small to comfortably eat in, in my opinion, though I often see people clinging to the narrow ribbon of counter or claiming the one table.

      1. re: Pan

        Funny, I always think of dim sum as pork/seafood heavy, not carb heavy, as those dumpling wrappers are pretty thin.

        My standbys in that neighborhood are Westville, Blue Ribbon Bakery, and Little Owl for lunch, although I can't recall if Little Owl does lunch on Fridays.

        1. re: kathryn

          Yeah, one hopes the wrappers would be thin, but in any case, she doesn't want to do dim sum (I'll go to Red Egg with my girlfriend and a couple of friends a couple of days later).

          Thanks for your recommendations, eeee and kathryn.

          1. re: Pan

            pan in my neck of our wv neighborhood we have been on a steady kick of going to LA PALETTE and ZAMPA a lot for weekend lunches lately. the former is brazilian and has good salads and crepes. the latter is an airy mediteranean, i like their poached fish dishes.

            1. re: mrnyc

              Thanks. She said she wants something light, so Zampa may be a good option.

              1. re: Pan

                Update: It now sounds like we may be going to Gobo.

                1. re: Pan

                  I am not typically a fan of vegetarian fare -- I'm probably the definition of carniwhore -- but Gobo is rather satisfying and tasty for a meatless meal.

                  1. re: JungMann

                    It was OK - not great, but fine to go to once. I wouldn't be excited about going again, but it's certainly an acceptable and inexpensive lunch.

                    My dining partner got their idiosyncratic vegetarian "lasagna," made without actual pasta ("swiss chard & sun dried tomato rice lasagna"), and I got "tender sliced seitan in ginger marinade with asian kale, squash, brown rice," which wasn't very gingery but had good texture and was fine (the "lasagna" was probably more interesting). These were lunch specials, and the portions were very large, which made me wonder how big the dinner dishes would be. The bill was $25 plus tax and tip.

                    I'll look forward to trying some of your recommendations in the future. And sappidus, do get back to us and let us know which places you tried and how they were.