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May 23, 2009 08:25 PM

Apricots compared @ Ferry Farmer's Market?

Did anyone try different apricots last year at the Farmer's Market last year?

Candycots (not sure of the different names)

Can anyone describe relative sweetness and flavor on these types? Which ones have you liked best?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. My favorite is Blenheim followed by Patterson and Tilton. Robata is pretty good. Candycot seemed a bit gimmicky to me. Things do change from year to year and farm to farm.

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      I consider sweetness as a part of the flavor.

    2. We tried a Apricot-Plum yesterday at Frog Hollow that was sweet.

      1. Here is a little something I wrote up for Frog Hollow's mail order customers which touches on some of the varieties. Arrival in good condition is talked about because that's important as well as flavor. Blenheim is not shipped becuse it's too delicate.

        "Robatas are the first to arrive, and one of the most exciting events of the year in our orchard. The outer flesh is has purple and blue tones that are almost fluorescent; seeing row after row of the trees full of ripe fruit is like looking at a forest of fully decorated Christmas trees.

        "Orange Red is the rarest of our apricots, available for just a few days. Its short growing season inspired the Egyptian saying "Fel meshmesh" or “in the apricot”, referring to something that is unlikely to happen because the apricot disappears from market so quickly. The Orange Red has an aromatic flesh and especially delicious flavor.

        "Apricot season concludes with Golden Sweet, characterized by a solid gold color from the skin all the way to the pit. This variety is similar to the prized Blenheim variety but without the problems of mushiness that make it difficult to ship. We’re proud that the Golden Sweets you receive will be as firm and delicious as when they leave the orchards."

        Note: the apricot-plums are Pluots, a hybrid available in a couple of permutations.